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Reinado says willing to negotiate with government without returning to prison


The fugitive Timor-Leste's rebel leader Alfredo Reinado has said he was willing to negotiate with the government about handing himself in, but not if it meant a return to prison.

"I'm ready to face the tribunal, but when everything is fixed," Reinado said in an interview with The Australian newspaper, his first interview with a foreign media since escaping from Becora prison in the capital of Dili almost two weeks ago.

The paper, one of Australia's leading newspapers, said Tuesday that it found Reinado in Timor-Leste's southern mountains.

Reinado called for the Catholic Church and President Xanana Gusmao to lead a national debate on ways to solve the political crisis.

He said the United Nations and international security forces in his country should concentrate on catching other criminals who were worse than him.

He also reserved the right of self-defense, saying he had done nothing wrong and was entitled to protect himself in his own country.

The rebel leader blamed his current plight on a corrupt legal system and self-serving politicians but said he had no intention of waging guerrilla war or taking up arms against his country, according to the newspaper.

Reinado's interview was published after Australian Federal Police spokesman Tim Dodds conceded Monday there were not enough police to comb wide areas of Timor-Leste to track down the Australian-trained rebel leader.

"I don't know anyone who knows exactly where he (Reinado) is. It would be like trying to find a needle in a haystack," Dodds was quoted as saying.

The UN's police commander in Timor-Leste Antero Lopes said that extra numbers, which should start arriving next week, were needed to defeat a wall of silence created by family and friends of the rebels.

"We are getting more police and with more of a police presence we can get a better result," he said.

Source: Xinhua

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Anónimo disse...

Here is my understanding of the legal position. The Government of Timor-Leste has no capacity to get involved. Mr Alfredo may not understand this but the Prosecutor General and the Judiciary are independent...I repeat to make it clear I N D E P E N D E N T. That means that the Prosecutor and Judge exercising impartial and independent (non Political) functions applying the strict letter of the law determine what is applied in terms of on terms Mr reinado awaits trial. House detention has in my mind and that of the judges I am certain been beyond possible given his propensity to take off so to speak. And now, that he is a fugitive from lawful custody, he is clearly someone who holds no regard for the law or the judiciary. There is nothing any politician whether it be the Prime Minister, President or Parliamentarian can or should attempt to do to influence what the terms of his condition as an accused whilst he awaits trial. It will be yet another sorry episode which would result in interference with the justice system.....something many have already said has been happening too much in Timor-Leste of late. So, for the government of Timor-Leste and it seems Mr Reinado "negotiations" are not an option. I hope the Timor-Leste criminal justice system and its state institutions survive this attempt to perevert it beyond recognition however tempting it may well be for its leaders and for the international community. lets pray to God Almighty for help in guiding their politicians and judicial officers in these difficult times.

Anónimo disse...

That's right! And Rogerio Lobato should be transferred imediately to becora prison.
If it is safe and good enough for Alfredo it should be good safe and enough for Rogerio! Period.

Timor-Leste is not an "Animal Farm" where "some animals are more equal than others". Rogerio to Becora Now!!
Why should he receive a different treatment and be confortably acommodated at a state house reserved for Ministers??

Equal rights NOW!!

Anónimo disse...

Anonimo das 8:12:15
Before writing crap you should find out why Reinado was in jail and Rogerio is not.
If you can not do that I will explain it to you. Reinado was caught red handed with guns and ammunition in his possession. He is a desertor! He is an assassin! He is a thief (Stole guns from the army)!
Lobato, altouhgh we know is past, and I honestly believe that this bastard should never have taken part in any role in the East Timor government, was accused of ordering the distribuition of guns to civilians. This is an allegation made by one of Xanas friend's. This allegation has to be proven in a court of law.
They are the differences buddy!
Ze Cinico

Anónimo disse...

Reinado diz que está disponível para negociar com o governo sem regressar à prisão

O líder fugitive dos amotinado de Timor-Leste Alfredo Reinado tem dito que está disponível para negociar com o governo a sua entrega, mas não se isso significae o regresso à prisão.

"Estou pronto a enfrentar o tribunal, mas quando tudo estiver negociado," disse Reinado numa entrevista ao jornal The Australian, na sua primeira entrevista com um media estrangeiro desde que fugiu da prisão de Becora na capital de Dili quase há duas semanas.

O jornal, um dos liderantes da Austrália, disse na Terça-feira que se encontrou com Reinado nas montanhas do sul de Timor-Leste.

Reinado apelou à Igreja Católica e ao Presidente Xanana Gusmão para liderarem um debate nacional sobre maneiras para resolver a crise política.

Disse que as forças de segurança da ONU e internacionais no seu país se devem concentrar em apanhar os outros criminosos que são piores do que ele.

Também se reservou para si próprio o direito de auto-defesa, dizendo que não tinha feito nada de errado e estava intitulado a proteger-se a si próprio no seu próprio país.

O líder amotinado acusou o sistema legal corrupto e ao serviço dos políticos (de responsável) pela sua luta corrente, mas disse que não tinha intenção de organizar uma Guerra de guerrilha ou de pegar em armas contra o seu país, de acordo com o jornal.

A entrevista de Reinado foi publicada depois do porta-voz da Polícia Federal Australiana Tim Dodds, ter admitido na Segunda-feira que não havia polícia suficiente para passar a pente fino vastas áreas em Timor-Leste para seguir a pista do líder amotinado treinado pelos Australianos.

"Não conheço ninguém que saiba exactamente onde ele (Reinado) está. Seria como tentar encontrar uma agulha no palheiro," disse Dodds.

O comandante da polícia da ONU em Timor-Leste, Antero Lopes, disse que números extras (de policies), que devem começar a chegar na próxima semana, eram necessários para derrotar um muro de silêncio criado pela família e amigos dos amotinados.

"Estamos a arranjar mais policies e com mais presença policial podemos ter um resultado melhor," disse.

Fonte: Xinhua

Anónimo disse...

Very well put by Anonymous at 5:25:30 PM.

I also agree with Ze Cinico.

Anónimo disse...

Ze Cinico and h correia.

Of course you have to agree with each other. "birds of a feather, flock together"

Now the differences you brought up are absolutely irrelevant for the legal process. The only reason Rogerio was confined to house arrest was that the presiding judge was of the opinion Becora jail was not safe and secured. Please go back to the arquives and refresh your memories.

Also, anyone who is charged of a crime is "innocent" until proven guilty. REMEMBER? You guys used that line a lot when Rogerio was being judged by tom, dick and harry. By the same token, Alfredo is INOCENT until proven guilty. Or does that presumption of innocence only apply to some and not to others? Are some "animals" really more equal than others?

As far as I can tell the charges brought against Rogerio are evem more serious than those against Alfredo. Crimes against the state are nothing to scoff at. They are the most serious crimes a citizen of a country can be charged with. Plus another reason for his detention was the high probability of escape as there had been a previous attempt. Unfortunately for him the aussie diggers were not sleeping.

So don't you come your so called "differences" to try justify something that is not right. You cannot defend de indefensible. If will only make a fool of yourself if you try.

Have a nice evening, and try again.


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