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(International news reports and extracts from national media. UNMIT does not vouch for the accuracy of these reports)

Govt should reshuffle the cabinet now, says President of PSD - Suara Timor Lorosae, 7 October

Social Democrat Party’s President Mário Viegas Carrascalão said Monday(6/10) that it is now the time for the government of the Majority Parliamentary Alliance to reshuffle the cabinet as it has ruled for more
than one year.

“To my point of view, it is already more than a year and one year assessment would be enough to know who works well and who don’t,” said Carrascalão.

“Those who don’t work well should be substituted because there are a lot of capable Timorese out there,” he added.

Carrascalão stressed that it is the responsibility of the Prime Minister to reshuffle his cabinet.

He added there are some ministers who do not work well and if the reshuffle is done by the Prime Minister, the Prime Minister himself would fall down together with such ministers.

MP Adérito Hugo of CNRT said that reshuffle of cabinet is a normal thing in any government in the world and he thinks that it is also the right time to reshuffle the cabinet.

Meanwhile President of the National Parliament, Fernando de Araújo ‘La Sama’ said that it is the competence of the Prime Minister to reshuffle his cabinet.

F-FDTL – PNTL should avoid personal interest, says Brigadier Ruak - Timor Post, 7 October

Timorese Defense Force Commander, Brigadier General Taur Matan Ruak has called on the country’s security forces, the Timorese Defense Force (-FDTL) and National Police (PNTL) to put national interest as their top priority, so that stability within the country could remain calm.

The commander said if both F-FDTL and PNTL’s works were strengthened and that stability of the country could be reached, people would move forward with the development.

Ruak therefore said the two country’s security forces ought to take responsibility by restoring peace and stability.

Ruak was referring to the current rumors mongering that there would be another petition makers appeared within the police force if the
Government would not appoint candidate from the country’s west.

He added during the recent meeting at the office of Foreign Ministry, he had spoken to the two security forces’ commanders and other officers to cooperate well and should prioritize national interest.

Zero tolerance to violence, says Defense Secretary - Suara Timor Lorosae, 7 October

East Timor’s Secretary of State for Defense, Júlio Tomás Pinto, said Monday (6/10) that the East Timor’s National Police (PNTL) will have a maximum collaboration with the East Timor’s Defense Force (F-FDTL) to guarantee the security for the forthcoming peace march and the two institutions will employ zero tolerance to violence during the march.

He also added that the government would not allow violence to happen from any group or any party as the people want stability in the country.

“I hope that the activity of the party will not negatively affect the stability of the country.

He also stressed that it is the responsibility of the party organizing peace march to ensure stability of the country and that the party has to work closely with law enforcement institutions in mobilizing the people for the peace march.

State secretary blames Manitoba Company over power outage - Timor Post, 7 October

State Secretary for Electricity, January Pereira, said the blackout of city power in the capital was the responsibility of the Manitoba
Company, because this company was the one that supplied fuel for the power.

The state secretary said the Manitoba Company had no proper policy in providing electricity to the residents in the Capital Dili.

Pereira denied the recent allegation by the MPs in the Parliament that the outage of power was 100% the Government’s fault.

“We cannot do anything, as based on the contract made by the former government with Manitoba Company, the government has no right to put hands into the works of the company,” He added.

Police in pursuit of an arson suspect: Police officer - Televizaun Timor-Leste, 7 October

Dili district police are currently chasing up a suspect who has set blaze to the internally displaced people’s camps in Matuana of Vilaverde, suburb of the Capital Dili.

Police officer, Alarico Cristovão said the police was currently investigating this case and would try to arrest the suspect.

Cristovão said they were little bit late responding the situation and the victims had escaped to safer places.

An IDP, Jose Henrique said he was shocked with the incident and asked the Government for a help by looking at problem they were facing.

He added the arson had left two wounded and they were now living in Audian with their relatives.

Immigration police officers detain foreign nationals - Radio Timor-Leste, 7 October

Timorese Police Operation Commander, Mateus Fernandes, said the police immigration officers have detained 28 of foreign nationals at the bars in the Capital Dili, because they have no proper travel documents and
involving in prostitution.

The commander said his police officers detained those foreign nationals, as they also missed used their visa for doing other things.

Fernandes added the suspects were currently being detained in the police station for investigation purposes.

Fretilin to mobilize mobs about 200.000 - Diario Nacional, 6 October

Deputy Prime Minister Jose Luis Guterres, said every citizen in the country had the right to express their opinions and hold rally, yet should follow the law being applied in the country.

Guterres was referring to Fretilin’s plan of mobilizing mobs to hold peace really in the capital Dili in the upcoming November.

According to information, Fretilin would mobilize 200.000 mobs throughout the country to hold long march urging responsibility of the Government led Prime Minister Xanana Gusmão during the office tenure.

“For me all people have the right to express their thoughts and hold long march as laws allow it,” Guterres said.

PNTL has not got official request from FRETILIN - Suara Timor Lorosae, 7 October

PNTL’s Operational Commander Inspector Mateus Fernandes said Monday (6/10) that up to date there is no official request from the Fretilin party to the PNTL in relation to the upcoming peace march.

“We see the issue as a rumor because there is no formal letter yet for us”, said Fernandes. He added that once they get the letter, the PNTL will call the organizing committee to decide on the venue for the march.

He explained that everyone has the right to demonstrate and the police are ready to provide security but it has to be in accordance with the applicable laws.

Meanwhile, Fretilin bench leader at the National Parliament Aniceto Guterres said that it is the responsibility of the government along with
PNTL and F-FDTL to ensure security for those who want to stage peace march.

However, he added that it is not correct for the government or any of security and defense institution to threaten people to attend such peace march.

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