quarta-feira, agosto 23, 2006

Dos leitores

Victor da Costa said "... the decision will be in the hands of the people and not that of the Court of Appeals." This is not what Victor da Costa said before thaking the case to the court. Now he changed his position. What if the Extraordinary Congress voted to have Alkatiri and Luolo again as the leader of FRETILIN? What will Victor say then? Another extra-extraordinary congress?

It is a great pity that good people like Jose Luis Guterres and Aderito de Jesus Soares are in cahoots with Victor da Costa and Vicente Ximenes. I would have supported an Extraordinary Congress for FRETILIN if Aderito and Lugu were the organisers. But this drunkard and his friend the failed businessman? No way! What is FRETILIN becoming? What is Timor-Leste becoming? A Banana Republic for sure.

Good bye.

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Anónimo disse...

Dos leitores
Victor da Costa disse "... a decisão estará nas mãos das pessoas e não da do Tribunal de Recurso." Não foi isso o que Victor da Costa disse antes de levar o caso ao Tribunal. Agora mudou de posição. E se o Congresso Extraordinário votasse ter outra vez como líderes da FRETILIN Alkatiri e Lu’Olo? O que é que o Victor diria então? Um outro congresso extra-extraordinário?

É uma grande pena que gente boa como José Luis Guterres e Adérito de Jesus Soares estejam em sociedade com Victor da Costa e Vicente Ximenes. Tria apoiado um Congresso Extraordinário da FRETILIN se os organizadores fossem Adérito e Lugu. Mas este bêbado e o seu amigo, o negociante falhado? De modo algum! No que é que se está a tornar a FRETILIN? No que é que se está a tornar Timor-Leste? Uma República Banana Republic com certeza.

Boa Sorte.

Anónimo disse...

Yes it is lamentable that Jose Luis Guterres had to associate himself with Victor da Costa and Vicente Ximenes, it is a poor decision and a sign of his incompetence as a Politician. He has aligned himself with questionable characters, for example Cesar Moreira who has had a cloud of corruption as Vice Minister of Public Works, and George Teme who as ambassador had some serious allegations against him.

On this note I believe he is not appropriate for Jose Luis Guterres to undertake a leadership role within FRETILIN, he has shown to be poor decision maker and would pose a weak leader. I would certainly not entertain the idea of an extraordinary congress even if it had the most credible people behind it as the Congress held in May is legitimate.

Anónimo disse...

Jose Luis aligment with such a group denounces what he really is. AMbitious but with no talent and this speaks for itself. A man not to be trusted,

Anónimo disse...

E verdade. Agora e Ministro, caou nos outros.

Anónimo disse...

Has anyone asked "LUGU" about use of embassy funds whilst ambassador in New York for private purposes? Or Jorge Teme about a claim against him which is under investigation by the Australian Federal Police for having sexually harrassed a young Timor-Leste Canberra embassy female staff member? Or Vicente Maoboci about running off to Australia with money from his wife's family and how many women he had affairs with wrecking their marriage? Good people to have calling for "reform" and wanting to lead the majority party in this nation.......Why dont we just hand it over to the bandits and thieves...hang on..that would be the case if these guys actually got yo power!!!! Over mine and alot of people's dead body would we allow that to happen.

Anónimo disse...

Well those are just allegations.
But one man with a confirmed criminal record and a served prison sentence was the then Minister for Interior which after being forced to resign was "promoted" to vice president of Fretilin. How about that hey! If that was not enough he has been charged recently for crimes against the state. Damn!! Unlucky?
With "role models" like that the others are just beginners.

Anónimo disse...

Hey, are there sexual harrasment laws in Timor Leste. I bet you there is, but who cares...If we did care house maids would not be harrased, and even the ladies at the office. Anyway I let you all think about it.


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