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President of parliament stops debate on recommendations of truth commissions

Media Release

November 7, 2008

The President of Timor Leste's parliament, Fernando Araujo Lasama today postponed for the second time any debate in parliament about the recommendations of the two main reports on human rights abuses under the Indonesian occupation between 1975 and 1999. MPs from FRETILIN, the larges party in the parliament, strongly objected.

FRETILIN's parliamentary leader, Aniceto Guterres, who was also the Chair of the Truth, Reception and Reconciliation Commission (CAVR), and a Member of the Truth and Friendship Commission (TFC), today condemned the postponement for the second time by the President of the National Parliament of the debate on the recommendations of the reports of the two historic Truth Commissions.

Two resolutions proposed by the multi party Parliamentary Committee for Constitutional Issues, Public Administration, Local Power and Government Legislation (Committee A) were set down to be debated on Monday this week, but were postponed to November 10. Yesterday debate on these draft resolutions was postponed yet again, indefinitely, by the President of the parliament in meeting with the leaders of the political benches.

"FRETILIN, PUN and the CNRT leader, want to proceed with the debate and pushed for it.

These parties are clearly the largest chunk of the seats in parliament. However, there was no support from the President or the other smaller parties. Instead they wanted an agreement to be reached first by all the parties on the two draft resolutions before President Lasama would schedule the debate in the parliament," said Guterres.

"But the proposal on which they wanted agreement was devoid of any acknowledgement or acceptance of the recommendations of either Commission recommending the pursuit of justice for the victims of the violence which occurred in our country between 1975 and 1999. This is something we could never agree to as representatives of a people whose aspirations were clearly expressed during the CAVR and TFC proceedings as being totally to continue to pursue justice.

We will never agree to the insistence that the resolution make no reference to the pursuit of justice for victims," said Guterres.

A media release from Committee A last week said:

The Parliamentary Committee for Constitutional Issues, Justice, Public Administration, Local Power and Government Legislation (Committee A) will present two resolutions to the National Parliament that recognize the achievements of both Commissions, acknowledge their findings, and propose implementation of their recommendations.

The proposed resolutions highlight CAVR and CTF recommendations in the areas of: victim reparations, a commission for disappeared persons, justice, education and the establishment of an independent institution to oversee implementation efforts.

"FRETILIN supports the Committee's stated desire to have the debate on the two draft recommendations. We condemn the manner in which the President of the National Parliament and a small group of MPs are trying to stifle open and democratic debate in our peoples' house, by making backroom deals. We reject this as totally non transparent and undemocratic. A multi-party committee has drafted two proposed resolutions which were approved unanimously and signed by all but one member of the multi-party parliamentary Committee. These are the processes for having resolutions brought before the parliament," added Guterres.

"All else aside, during the discussion between the leaders of the parties in the parliament and the President, it was clearly evident that there are still many of our colleagues who have not read and do not understand the substance of the recommendations made by the Commissions and their importance. We ask them to inform themselves of these basic facts before taking positions on the issue," Guterres urged.

Guterres has said that FRETILIN intends to move in the parliament next Monday for a motion that a debate on the draft recommendations by the Committee proceed, and that the parliament vote on the motion regardless of the President's expressed wishes.

"That's not how the parliament works. We the MPs should decide by majority the deliberations and proceedings. They are not and should never be dictated to us by the President. That has been the style of this President, but we are confident that will end next Monday. It is unfortunate to have to say that, but this is the reality in a poor parliament," Guterres said in closing.

For information contact: José Teixeira MP on +670 728 7080
Nilva Guimarães (media officer) on +670 734 0389


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Já lá vão 17 anos desde que o mundo acordou para a barbárie das tropas e polícias da Indonésia no Cemitério de Santa Cruz, em Dili. Acordou o mundo por essa altura e não mais se calou, exigindo justiça. Estranhamente, se há quem queira calar o mundo sobre a barbárie dos selváticos militares e polícias da Indonésia, são os líderes timorenses Ramos Horta e Xanana Gusmão… Será que o mundo se vai calar?


Name - Age - Sex - Profession - Residence

Abel Araujo 20 M Stud./Smak Dili Mota Hulun

Abilio Ximenes 23 M Student Dili Becora

Adelaide M Faria 26 F Dili

Aderito 25 M Student Dili Santa Cruz

Adolfo Matos 28 M Student Dili Santa Cruz

Afonso S N 25 M Student Dili Becora

Agostinho Tilma.Fernandes 18 M Student Dili
Aju 26 M Student Dili Vila Verde

Alberto (Soares) 47 M Merchant Dili Mercado

Albino Ximenes 23 M Dili Becora

Alcino Carvalho 23 M Student Dili Bemori

Alcino Freitas 35 M Farmer Dili

Alegria Jesus Reis 17 F Student Dili Lahane

Aleixo Santos 33 M Farmer ?/Wai Olo

Alfredo Carmo 15 M Student Dili Bidau

Alfredo Conceicao 21 M Student Dili Vila Verde

Alfredo Costa 17 M Student Dili Becora

Almeida Santos 28 M Dili

Almerio Reis Fernandes 15 M Student Dili Kulu Hum

Alvaro Gomes 32 M Dili Becora

Amadeu Oliveira 23 M Student Dili Bemori

Amaro Silva 34 M Dili Bemori

Amelia 17 M Student Dili

Americo Cortinhal 20 M Dili Vila Verde

Americo Espirito Santo 25 M Student Dili B.Pite

Amo 'bank Summa' M Dili Bank Summa

Amorim Rego 22 M Student Dili Balide

Ana Lobato 16 F Student Dili Vila Verde

Anabela Ferreira Baptista 22 F Dili Lahane

Andre 'manatuto' 15 M Student Dili Comoro

Angelo M 19 M Student Dili Massau

Angelo Monteiro 31 M Merchant Dili Mercado

Anico Silva 18 M Dili

Ano Besi Tuk M Dili Vila Verde

Antonio Braz 28 M Dili

Antonio Carmo 13 M Student Dili Bidau

Antonio Gusmao 23 M Student Dili Becussi

Antonio Ho M Dili Audian

Antonio Labi Rai 18 M Farmer Dili

Antonio Santos 26 M Student Dili Comoro

Antonio Soares Pinto 19 M Student Dili Bemori

Antonio Tilman 19 M Dili

Aquino Oliveira 22 M Student Dili Toko Baru

Aristides Santos 19 M Student Dili

Asu Txai 44 M Merchant Dili Mercado

Atay 22 M Dili Hudi Laran

Augusto Sanches 29 M Student Dili Mercado

Basilio Araujo 21 M Dili Taibesse

Bentes M Dili Bemori

Bento Jesus 17 M Farmer Dili Ailoklaran

Bento P Garcia M Dili Santa Cruz

Bento Santos 18 M Student Dili Santa Cruz
Bernardino Canhoto 24 M Dili B.Pite

Caetano (Paulino) 18 M Dili
Cailarano 35 M Farmer Dili

Camilo 21 M Dili

Cancio Freitas 22 M Dili
Carlos Soares 18 M Student Dili Fatu Hada

Castelo 21 M Student Dili Bidau
Celina 'aileu' 19 F Student Dili Tuanalaran

Celio Pascoal Cost.Amaral 22 M Dili

Chico Batavia 30 M Farmer Dili Ailoklaran

Clementino Silva 20 M Student Dili Bemori

Constancio Soares 29 M Dili Becora

Constantino Silva 29 M Student Dili Becora

Cornelio Costa Soares 20 M Student Dili Bemori

Ctho Ctho 18 M Student Dili Bidau

Cussu Mali 30 M Farmer Dili Becora

Damiao 21 M Student Dili Becora

Daniel Silva 35 M Farmer Dili

Delfim 16 M Dili Lahane

Diana Sousa 19 F Dili

Dionisio Araujo 24 M Student Dili Bidau

Dionisio Mendes Goncalves 19 M Student Dili Bemori

Dionisio Santos M Dili

Domingas Duarte Pacheco 13 F Dili Akadiruhum

Domingas Soares Pacheco 14 F Dili Kuluhun

Domingos 10 M Dili

Domingos Costa 30 M Dili

Domingos Frederico 18 M Student Dili Bidau

Domingos Moreira Costa 17 M Student Dili Santa Cruz

Domingos Oliveira 21 M Student Dili Kolmera

Domingos Pacheco Silva 18 M Student Dili

Domingos Pacheco Sousa 13 M Student Dili Kulu Hum

Domingos Reis Santos 23 M Student Dili Kolmera

Domingos Santos (3) 28 M Dili

Domingos Segurado Marques 29 M Teacher Dili Santa Cruz

Domingos Ximenes Rosario 17 M Student Dili Vila Verde

Duarte Acolito M Dili

Duarte Pacheco 19 M Student Dili Hulu Hum

Duarte Silva 22 M S/Univ/Foot Dili Bidau Sant

Duarte Silva 'adu' 23 M S/Sman1 Dili Lecidere

Dudu Oliveira 20 M Dili Santa Cruz

Eca Soares 21 M Student Dili Lahane

Elidio Costa 21 M Student Dili Bemori

Eligio Goncalves 17 M Student Dili Lahane

Estanislau Martins 24 M Student Dili B.Pite

Eugenio Martins 20 M Student Dili Becussi

Evangelino Pinto Pedroso 20 M Student Dili Lahane

Evris Madeira 22 M Dili

Fae Lelo 37 M Merchant Dili Mercado

Fernando (Nogueira) 22 M Student Dili Hera

Fernando Lato 25 M Dili Bidau

Fernando Lay 30 M Dili

Francelino Pires 23 M Student Dili Bidau

Francisca 23 F Student Dili Balide

Francisco Borromeu Silva 19 M S/Sman Dili Becora

Francisco Carlos (Abonno) 22 M Student Dili

Francisco Fatima 33 M Dili

Francisco Oliveira Cam. 21 M Student Dili Vila Verde

Francisco Santos Soares 20 M Student Fili Comoro

Francisco Seixas 20 M Dili Akadiruhum

Francisco Silva 'binaraga 22 M Athlete Dili Becora

Francisco Silva (M Silva) 18 M Dili Bekussi

Francisco Tilman 17 M Student Dili Santa Cruz

Francisco Urbano 23 M Student Dili Bekussi

Frederico 'lospalos' 22 M Student Dili Becora

Gabriel 'comoro' 22 M Student Dili Comoro

Gil Vieira Amaral 13 M Student Baucau 11/23

Graziela Bonaparte F Dili Vila Verde

Gregorio Santos 20 M Student Dili Santa Cruz

Gustavo 20 M Dili Kolmera

Hacobio (Recobio) 17 M Student Dili

Helder C G Barreto 25 M S/Smak2 Dili Kuluhum

Huru Fatu 26 M Farmer Dili Hera

Ilidio Costa (1) 21 M Dili Bemori

Ismael Araujo 17 M S/Sjose Dili Farol

Ismenia Jose Reis 20 F Dili Bidau

Jacinta 22 F Dili B.Central

Jacob Silva 17 M Student Dili Bidau Polwil

Jaime Vaz Coutinho 19 M Student Dili Lahane

Joanico Araujo 22 M Student Dili B.Massaur

Joanico Gomes 28 M Dili

Joanico Lobato Piedade 18 M Student Dili Lahane
Joao 'ossu' 35 M Farmer Dili Tuanalaran

Joao Baptista (2) 15 M S/Sman5 Dili Lahane

Joao Costa Sequeira 24 M Dili Akadirahum

Joao Garcia 25 M Student Dili Comoro

Joao Guterres M Dili Kolmera

Joao Leao 22 M Dili Bekussi

Joao Mau Lu 25 M Student Dili B.Grilos

Joao Silva 18 M Student Dili Vila Verde

Jojo M Student Dili Bidau

Jorge Cunha 25 M Student Dili Matadouro

Jorge Rego 18 M Student Dili Maloa

Jose 'audian' 10 M Dili Audian

Jose Andrade 22 M Student Dili Bekussi

Jose Antonio Ximenes 23 M Student Dili B.Pite

Jose Bento M Dili Audian

Jose Bibik M Dili Bemori

Jose Cortinhal 19 M Student Dili Vila Verde

Jose Kodok (Aleijado) 16 M Dili Mascarenha

Jose Nuno Galhos 18 M Student Dili Lahane

Jose Oliveira 15 M Student Dili Audian

Josefina Antonieta Silva 18 F Dili Bekussi

Juliao Adelaide 20 M Student Dili Comoro

Julio Corte Real 20 M Student Dili Santa Cruz

Julio Flavio 'azio' 26 M Student Dili Bidau

Julio Guterres 50 M Farmer Wai Olo

Julio Matos 16 M Dili Becora

Julio Sarmento Borges 18 M Dili Vila Verde

Justino 22 M Dili Farol

Justino Cruz 27 M Dili

Justino Rosario M Dili Comoro

Justino Santos Pereira 17 M Student Dili Bemori

Kai Laranu 35 M Dili Hera

Kamal Bamadhaj 20 M New Zealand

Kusu Malay M Dili

Leandro Isaac M Dili

Lelia F Merchant Dili

Leopoldino Amaral 23 M Student Dili Comoro

Linda 31 F Dili

Linda Sousa 31 F Dili

Lito Calsona M Dili

Lourenco Soares 23 M Dili Mascarenha

Lucio Sequeira Soares 15 M Student Dili Santa Cruz

Luis Alves 21 M Student Dili

Luis Moreira 32 M Dili

Luis Paulo 19 M Dili Kolmera

Luis Paulo Reis Belo 19 M Student Dili Kolmera

Luis Silva Matos 19 M Student Dili Bidau

Luis Silveira 22 M Dili Taibesse

M Moniz 16 M Student Dili Bemori

Manecas Magno M Dili Toko Baru

Manecas Pereira 17 M Student Dili Matadouro

Manuel 'televisao' 18 M Student Dili B.Central

Manuel Cabral 23 M Student Dili Bemori

Manuel Cesario Amaral 18 M Student Dili Vila Verde

Manuel Jesus 20 M Student Dili Becora

Manuel Jupiter 21 M Student Dili Vila Verde

Manuel Marques 25 M Student Dili Becussi

Manuel Mesquita 23 M Student Dili Becussi

Manuel Rosario Amaral 18 M Dili Vila Verde

Manuel Sarmento 14 M Student Dili Aiturilara

Manuel Tilman 15 M Student Dili Santa Cruz

Manuela F Dili Taibesse

Marcelino Ferreira Santos 18 M Student Dili Santa Cruz

Marcelino Silva 23 M Dili Bemori

Marciano Mendonca 24 M Student Dili B.Pite

Maria F Merchant Dili

Maria Rego F Dili Taibesse

Maria Tavares 28 F Dili

Mariano Mendonca 24 M Dili B.Pite

Mariano Silva 22 M Dili

Mario Marobo 19 M Student Dili Kolmera

Mario Miguel 20 M Student Dili

Mario Silva 20 M Dili Hudi Laran

Mario Victor 26 M Dili

Marito Fatubai Mota 21 M Student Dili Kulu Hum

Marito Vieira 22 M Dili Becora

Martinho Costa Amaral 28 M Student Dili Santa Cruz

Mateus (Santa Cruz) 27 M Student Dili Santa Cruz

Mateus Freitas 16 M Student Dili Bemori

Mateus Pereira 19 M Dili Becussi

Mateus Ximenes 26 M Dili Hudi Laran

Mau Chico 18 M Farmer Dili Manleuana

Mau Dua 13 M Student Dili Comoro

Mica Soares Tilman 17 M Student Dili Becussi

Miguel 32 M Dili

Miguel Monteiro 17 M Dili Bidau

Miguel Neves Reis (Miki) M Dili

Miguel Roberto 20 M Dili B.Central

Nelio Ximenes 15 M S/Sjose Dili

Nelson Armandino 19 M Dili Lahane

Nelson Azevedo Pinto 19 M Student Dili Lahane

Norberto Amaral 18 M Dili B.Grilos

Odilia Araujo 18 F S/Sjose Dili Kolmera

Olan Dua 13 M Dili Comoro

Olandino Soares 19 M Dili Comoro

Orlando Menezes 16 M Student Dili Bidau

Oscar Santos 25 M Dili Becora

Pancracio Marques 20 M Student Dili Comoro

Paula 17 F Student Dili

Paulo Freitas 18 M Student Dili

Pedrito 22 M Dili Becora

Pedro Nogueira 24 M Student Dili Hera

Pedro Sanches 28 M Dili Mercado

Pedro Soares (Apeu) 19 M Student Dili Santa Cruz 11/14 Home

Predi Martins 18 M Student Dili Smak

Rafael Tilman Fernandes 20 M Student Dili

Reis M Dili

Ribeiro Martins 25 M Dili Ailoklaran

Rita Ramos 30 F Dili

Romualdo Baptista 31 M Dili

Rosario Araujo 18 M Dili Santa Cruz

Rosario Freitas 28 M Dili

Rui Alves 25 M Dili

Rusu Malay 30 M Dili Becora

Sabino 25 M Dili Ailoklaran

Sabino Pereira Serrano 21 M Student Dili Santa Cruz

Sara Zumalay 42 F Merchant Dili Becora

Sebastiao Gomes 20 M Student Dili Vila Verde 10/28 Motael Ch.

Sergio Filomeno 21 M Dili Bidau

Sina Raku 42 M Farmer Dili Becora

Taibere 35 M Merchant Dili Becora

Tito 44 M Merchant Dili Becora

Tito Antonio Costa 16 M Student Dili B.Massau

Tobias Rego 18 M Student Dili Bemori

Tomas Mendes Pereira 16 M Dili A.Expres

Tomas Pereira Costa 18 M Student Dili Bidau

Tome Costa 22 M Student Dili B.Pite

Tonilio Amaral 17 M Student Dili Santa Cruz

Txai Pere 46 M Dili Becora

Varudo M Dili

Vasco Gomes 17 M Student Dili Vila Verde

Venancio Correia 35 M Farmer Dili B.Pite

Venancio Fonseca 21 M Dili B.Pite

Vicente Binaraga M Dili

Victor Nunes 27 M Dili Becora

Zelio 19 M Student Dili B.Grilos
Zito M Alvaro 30 M Dili


Listagem retirada de ETLJB



Rua dos Mártires da Pátria, Comoro, Dili, Timor-Leste, e: mail: staccfretilin@yahoo.com. Tel / fax 3317219

O Comité Central da FRETILIN (CCF), reuniu-se, em Dili, no dia 08 de Novembro de 2008, em sessão alargada com a participação dos deputados, ex-deputados, ex-membros do Governo e representantes dos órgãos sub-nacionais do partido.

Durante a reunião, foram abordados vários assuntos de interesse partidário e nacional, entre os quais:

Relatório da Bancada Parlamentar da FRETILIN;
Relatório sobre o Processo de Reajustamento;
A Marcha de Paz;
As Eleições dos Líderes Comunitários;
O Mau Funcionamento do Parlamento Nacional;
Alteração da Lei dos Combatentes da Luta de Libertacão Nacional;
As comemorações do dia 28 de Novembro;
Os Projectos do Governo da FRETILIN.

Depois de um debate profundo sobre os assuntos agendados, o Comité Central da FRETILIN (CCF) deliberou:

Relatório da Bancada Parlamentar da FRETILIN:
Adoptar o Relatório como documento do Comité Central da FRETILIN;
Decidir editar uma brochura com todas as intervenções e interpelações dos deputados da FRETILIN no Parlamento Nacional, como forma de divulgação das actividades dos parlamentares junto dos militantes e do povo;
Relatório sobre o Processo de Rejustamento:
Adoptar o Relatório como documento do Comité Central da FRETILIN;

Dado o atraso dos trabalhos, como consequência do estado de sítio e de emergência, nos meses de Fevereiro a Abril de 2008, o Comité Central da FRETILIN exortou todos os militantes a engajarem cada vez mais no processo de modo a poder cumprir com o calendário estabelecido, condição necessária para se iniciar a Marcha de Paz.

A Marcha de Paz:
Adoptar a Declaração como documento do Comité Central da FRETILIN;
Reforçar as recomendações do Retiro de Holarua e as decisões da reunião do Comité Central da FRETILIN, de 09 de Fevereiro de 2008;
Delegar a Comissão Política Nacional as competências para a criação de uma Comissão Nacional Inclusiva Preparatória e Organizadora da Marcha de Paz;
Para além da inconstitucionalidade do Governo, mais razões se juntam - a má governação, o nepotismo e a corrupção generalizada, que só reforçam a necessidadde da realização da Marcha de Paz.

As eleições dos Líderes Comunitários:
Adoptar a exortação como documento do Comité Central da FRETILIN;
Exortar todos os militantes e apoinates da FRETILIN e o povo em geral, no sentido de exigir com veemência o Governo de facto da auto-proclamada Aliança da Maioria Parlamentar para a realização das eleições, em 2009;
Apelar a todos os militantes e simpatizantes para se empenharem activamente no reajustamento estrutural, para que através da participação activa nas estruturas partidárias locais, garantir a vitória da FRETILIN nas próximas eleições comunitárias.
O sistema político democrático de Timor-Leste é multipartidário. A nossa democarcia tem como base a organização dos cidadãos em Partidos Políticos, através das quais participa na vida política e pode-se fazer representar nos órgãos de poder nacional ou sub-nacional. Isto está consagrado na Constituição da República nos n.os 1 e 2 do artigo 46.°, no n.° 1 do artigo 65.°, no n.° 1 do artigo 70.° e n.° 1 do artigo 72.°

O Mau Funcionamento do Parlamento Nacional
Foi adoptada uma declaração como documento do Comité Central da FRETILIN;
A continuar com à violação sistemática do Regimento do Parlamento Nacional e atropelos sistemáticos da Constituição da República, na sequência da subordinação irracional da chamada Aliança da Maioria Parlamentar aos desígnios do auto-proclamado IV Governo Constitucional, o Comité Central da FRETILIN, delega na Comissão Política Nacional, a competência de determinar a renúncia da FRETILIN do Parlamento Nacional, nos termos a definir oportunamente;
Apelar aos deputados das demais bancadas para salvaguradar o estado de direito democrático, preservando a independência do Parlamento Nacional, não permitindo ingerências indevidas e garantindo a separação de poderes.

Alteração a Lei dos Combatentes da Luta de Libertação Nacional:
O CCF deliberou no sentido de se aguardar o desenvolvimento das consultas em curso;
Instruir a Comissão Política Nacional para acompanhar o processo e orientar a Bancada da FRETILIN e os demais intervenientes do Partido sobre a matéria.

As comemorações do dia 28 de Novembro:
1. Decidir a favor da criação de uma Comissão mista FRETILIN/ASDT para preparar e organizar a comemoração do dia 28 de Novembro, a ter lugar, possivelmente, em Aileu
Os projectos do Governo da FRETILIN:

1. Instruir os ex-membros do Governo no sentido de fazer um levantamento detalhado sobre as obras que fazem parte dos planos anuais de acção do Governo da FRETILIN, de modo a se poder divulgar devidamente para conhecimento de todo o povo;

2. Nesta matéria o Comité Central constata que as infraestruturas e outras obras até agora inauguradas pelo auto-proclamado IV Governo Constitucional são ainda resultados do trabalho do Governo da FRETILIN, nomeadmente, os Hospitais de Referência, Sedes dos Sucos, a Estátua de Sua Santidade o Papa Joao Paulo II, a mini-hidroeléctrica de Gariuai, as 5 pontes da costa sul, entre outras;

3. Os subsídios adiantados a favor dos veteranos, dos idosos e dos órfãos não são senão, a realização de um programa maior da FRETILIN, já plasmado na Constituição da República e regulados na Lei dos Combatentes da Luta de Libertação Nacional;

4. O Comité Central concluiu que, a excepção da corrupção generalizada, do nepotismo e da má governação que são da exclusiva iniciativa do auto-proclamado IV Governo Constitucional, todas as actividades que têm beneficiado o povo com pensões, subsídios e as infraestruturas que têm sido inauguradas, são todas a continuidade do programa do I Governo Contitucional ou são hoje possíveis porque o Governo da FRETILIN deixou recursos suficientes para o efeito.

5. A própria fonte de financiamento das desprogramadas, desplanificadas actividades do auto-proclamado IV Governo Constitucional, não são senão, receitas obtidas como resultado de uma negociação bem sucedida e do estabelecimento de instituições credíveis e transparentes, como o Fundo do Petróleo, que são a pedra de toque, nacional e internacionalmente reconhecida, da boa governação do Governo da FRETILIN.

Díli, 10 de Novembro de 2008.

Partido de oposição ameaça sair do Parlamento timorense

Lisboa, 10 nov (Lusa) - A Frente Revolucionária do Timor Leste Independente (Fretilin) ameaçou abandonar o Parlamento timorense até o final do ano, acusando os deputados da maioria parlamentar de cumplicidade com o governo local e de boicote às iniciativas da oposição.

"O Parlamento tornou-se um instrumento do governo, não dando oportunidade à oposição para questionar certos assuntos de interesse nacional, como aconteceu na discussão do Orçamento Geral do Estado deste ano", disse à Agência Lusa o presidente da Fretilin, Francisco Guterres Lu'Olo.

Lu'Olo acusou os deputados da Aliança da Maioria Parlamentar (AMP), liderada pelo Congresso Nacional da Reconstrução de Timor Leste (CNRT), do premiê Xanana Gusmão, de "serem cúmplices do governo", o que tem impedido que o Parlamento exerça as suas funções de órgão legislativo e de fiscalização do executivo.

"Uma maioria pode suportar o governo, mas suportar o governo não é fazer leis contra a Constituição, não é tornar-se cúmplice de um governo que atua fora das leis. Se não corrigirem essas situações vamos abandonar o Parlamento", disse.

A Fretilin, que venceu as eleições de 2007 sem maioria, detém 21 dos 65 assentos no Parlamento Nacional de Timor Leste e não reconhece a legitimidade do Executivo liderado por Xanana Gusmão.

"Se continuar assim, a decisão pode ser amanhã, pode ser depois de amanhã, pode ser daqui a um mês, antes do fim deste ano", acrescentou, se recusando a adiantar uma data precisa.


A decisão foi tomada no sábado, durante uma reunião do comitê central da Frente Revolucionária do Timor Leste Independente (Fretilin), em que também ficou decidida a realização da "Marcha da Paz".

"Vamos mobilizar as massas, os militantes da Fretilin para descerem algum dia", disse Lu'Olo, explicando que a data da passeata depende da conclusão do "reajustamento estrutural" das bases do partido.

O mandato de cinco anos dos responsáveis eleitos para as estruturas locais terminou e a Fretilin está no meio do processo de eleição dos novos dirigentes em 13 distritos, 65 subdistritos e mais de 400 aldeias.

Até agora, foram eleitos 40% dos dirigentes locais e, segundo o presidente da Fretilin, só quando ficar concluído todo o processo é que será definida a data da marcha.

Segundo Lu'Olo, as decisões que saíram da reunião de sábado são a "resposta política" do partido à atual situação governamental.

"As coisas não estão a andar bem. O governo liderado por essa dita AMP não fez praticamente nada e o que se está a verificar é que há má governação, há corrupção, o conluio e o nepotismo pululam nesse governo. Por isso, tomamos esta decisão como uma resposta política", concluiu Lu'Olo.

Mari Alkatiri conta da amizade e da ruptura com Xanana Gusmão

SBS Podcasting

Sat, Nov 01 2008

Nesta longa entrevista do líder da oposição de Timor-Leste a Beatriz Wagner, da Rádio SBS, em Sydney, Mari Alkatiri conta como conheceu o atual Primeiro-Ministro Xanana Gusmão, nos anos 60 em Díli, do quanto eram muito amigos e de como aconteceu a ruptura.

O ex-primeiro-ministro e Secretário-Geral da Fretilin fala também da Marcha da Paz, sem data definida, e justifica porque o seu partido acredita que o governo de Xanana Gusmão é ilegítimo.

Mari Alkatiri explica porque o Fundo do Petróleo do país, criado no seu governo, não foi atingido pela crise financeira global e fala das conseqüências da morte de Alfredo Reinado no panorama político de Timor-Leste.



Mari Alkatiri conta da amizade e da ruptura com Xanana Gusmão

Nesta longa entrevista do líder da oposição de Timor-Leste a Beatriz Wagner, da Rádio SBS, em Sydney, Mari Alkatiri conta como conheceu o atual Primeiro-Ministro Xanana Gusmão, nos anos 60 em Díli, do quanto eram muito amigos e de como aconteceu a ruptura.

O ex-primeiro-ministro e Secretário-Geral da Fretilin fala também da Marcha da Paz, sem data definida, e justifica porque o seu partido acredita que o governo de Xanana Gusmão é ilegítimo.

Mari Alkatiri explica porque o Fundo do Petróleo do país, criado no seu governo, não foi atingido pela crise financeira global e fala das conseqüências da morte de Alfredo Reinado no panorama político de Timor-Leste.

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SMS texts evidence: Minister for Justice Gives Herself And Friends Projects

Tempo Semanal: Edition 108
Sunday, 12 October 2008

According to copies of SMS texts acquired by this newspaper, it is evident that SMSs were exchanged between the Minister for Justice and businessmen, in which there were many discussions regarding projects to construct a new fence for the Becora prison, projects were solicited, contacts with international businessmen regarding the acquisition of uniforms for prison officers and other such things.

On the 7th of August 2008, at 12:25:04, before the AMP Government had reached its first anniversary the Minister for Justice received an SMS from her friend JS, containing the following, "Sister, I have just finalized the plans for the project items and I see that the price I informed you of today is enough because this fence is 10 meters high and very thick without using blocks but only cement fill (cement, rock and double layer of steel) International quality. The works are the same as for the USA embassy fence only that theirs is only 3 meters high and not very thick." According to the list of SMSs sent out at 12:30:10 on the same day, the Minister for Justice promised "Good, I will look at it later."

Officially it was only on 25 August 2008 that the Ministry of Finance began to advertise the public tender invitation for the project to construct a new fence for the Becora prison, Project ITB No. RDTL-08-081860101-ITB-812664. "Procurement Services, Ministry of Finance RDTL invites closed bids from those who are eligible to undertake the construction of the new fence for the Becora Prison, in Dili," described the advertisement in the national newspapers.

On that same morning the Minister for Justice asked for financial help from this businessman.

"Good morning J, in fact…..for sure I will phone Her to come and get it from me. Sorry for disturbing you constantly. Thanks," the Minister sent the message to the businessman who won this tender at 11:25:34 hours.

Happily JS, who is the director of the company Marabia Pty Ltd, according to the announcement made by Procurement services on the 2nd of October 2008 was the successful bidder of this project valued at $1,035,333.33, did not leave the minister's words to fall and be lost into the sea between Indonesia and TL. "Good morning sister, tell them they can come and get it, no problem, there is no need to give it back to Herlambang, it will remain between us," Mr. JS sent this SMS from his Indonesian mobile phone number to the Minister for Justice. "Good evening sister, the kids have still not come to pick up this package."

Christian Samson, the director of LABEH, from whom an SMS is also registered in the Minister for Justice's mobile phone says that there has been no change in the incidence of corruption, collusion and nepotism despite PM Xanana strongly avowing to fight against it. "This is an indication of collusion and nepotism because the project was still at an internal stage as it had not divulged publicly so a Minister cannot be engaged in SMS communication with businessmen discussing details regarding a project", Samson said. He explained that, "when there is already an SMS between the Minister and a businessman before the tender being tendered has been officially released to the public then there is favoratism." When this newspaper tried to confirm the SMSs with Mr. Jorge Serrano, director of the company Marabia he asked that his right not to make comment be respected.

On the 7th of August 2008 an SMS was sent from the number 723 0079, during office hours seeking to steal away a project from the Minister. This mobile phone number used by a person who holds a high position in the government wrote, "Good morning sister, help me with some project will you. Thanks."

That afternoon the office of the PM addressed a message to the Minister for Justice, informing her of a signing ceremony for an agreement at the government palace. "Good evening Excellencies, tomorrow Friday 8 August, Mr. PM will be signing an agreement with UNDAF with Finn Reske-Nielsen. Mr. PM asks all of you to attend this signing ceremony, which will begin at 14h30 until 15h30 in the meeting room, PM's Office, Pal Gov. Please dress formally. Thanking you, GPM," this SMS was received in the inbox of the Minister of Justice's mobile phone from the PMs office.

On the 9th of May 2008 an SMS was sent from the Minister's husbands' number 737 4XXX to inform her of the mobile phone number of an international businessman who was visiting Dili. "Roger no. 740 2071," read the SMS. On the previous day this newspaper was able to pay a surprise visit to Mr. Roger Fairbairn at the Hotel Esplanada in Dili, an Australian businessman who has been operating a firm in Indonesia, and who on the 14th of July 2008 sent a message to the Minister saying, "Hi, sorry about the noise, at airport for a flight through to Jkt in 10 minutes. Just to say hello and any news Project? Regards."

The CEO of PT Media Citra International was very confident of winning the Demography Project Contract with the Ministry of Justice worth millions of dollars to digitize the identity card, a project that had once been tendered but was later cancelled because of questions raised about the tender process.

On the same day an SMS was sent by an Indonesian businessman with links to Roger to explain about the price of uniforms. "Boss, I have already spoken with Mr. Americo and I have already given the details needed with the price for 70 pairs; 1) uniform 70 x 200.000…. 14 million 2. Belt 70 x 70.000 … 4.9 million 3. Shoe PDL 70 x 250.000, 250 million 5. Name 70 x 22.000 …. 1,540 million … total 43,190 million. Mr. Americo said that tomorrow morning he will send the money to my BCA, so we can start to order and purchase these things, so by Saturday afternoon it will be ready. Thanks," this SMS was written in Indonesian.

On Friday 10 October this newspaper contacted the number +62 1808311XXX which was answered by a Mr. Irma who confirmed that at the time the Minister for Justice herself personally sent specimens, measurements and color for the uniforms to them. " At the time, Madam….Madam Minister, aahhh….Ms. Lucia, aaahhh….gave details to us. Gave us the details.

Regarding the things that were hers, yes sir. Eeehhh….complete with their attributes. So with the name and other attributes. Like….Sir…like the names, measurements for the clothing, the shoe sizes. At the time Sir, Lucia did this," explained Irma to this newspaper by mobile phone conversation. He said that regarding payment, the Minister paid half of the price before the order was made.

According to the commitment and payment form which this newspaper has been able to access, it shows that MBF Lobato had already authorized payment on the 10th of March this year but did not specify that the amount of US$97,500 was committed for manufacturing of uniforms for Timor-Leste prison guards. The decentralized procurement did not stipulate to which company the money had been paid.

The company that assisted with the manufacturing of the uniforms for the prison guards, had links to Roger Fairbairn who tried to win the Demography Project worth millions of dollars, an who also tried to borrow money from the Minister for Justice and her husband to register his company in Timor-Leste as his staff member named Awie wrote in an SMS on the 9th of May 2008. "Madam. Mr. Americo, firstly I apologized , currently Roger does not have any money in Timor-Leste, maybe Sir can help today and I will pay Sir back", Awie sent an SMS the Minister. On the same day Awie also included an SMS which Roger had sent to ask for money to carry out his activities in Dili. "This is an SMS from Roger: Awie, I need US$1,000 to complete the registration of the company and other administration costs today 1) the translation of the documents 2) pay the government 3) open a bank account. Roger," Awie copied Roger's SMS in English to Minister Lobato.

On the 9th of May 2008 Awie through his mobile phone number +628179991XXX thanked the Minister, "Thank you very much to madam….very sorry for having to inconvenience madam. Awie."

The acquisition process for the TL prison guards uniforms began as early as 9 March this year. On the day before the month of March the Minister for Justice received an SMS which contained information for a bank account number. "Madam this is my BCA no. 2551122XXX in the name of IMANSYAH BUDIANTO," he informed.

On the 14th of March 2008 the minister received from the same number an SMS stating, "Good morning Madam: 1. Price for tailor made pants and shirt RP200,000, - for set tickets coming soon fro 2 people to measure excluding accommodation and meals. 2. Price for hat and bordir: RP20. I ask for confirmation of RDTL LOGO or Badge 3. Belt with RDTL Logo or Badge RP40,000, - 4. Beret I am still checking, Madam these prices all are to arrival in Surabaya, I ask you make correction to prices because I have no experience regarding these prices above."
Accordingly at 428 o'clock in the afternoon the minister answered to +628180311XXX, "Ready. Total price 430 rb. Per person including ticket. Accommodation for 2 excluded. Shoe two examples, 170 rb. Which one are you referring to?" the Minister sent this SMS to the company seeking clarification.

The most recent information regarding these uniforms emerged in an SMS which the minister received on 24 June 2008 which began with a greeting, " Good morning Madam." It followed up, "I ask permission to report on the price of the uniforms and their attributed which together are 123 pairs with the rest from the money which is with Mr. Awi; 1) Uniforms 19,065,000. 2) Copper belt 4,182,000 3) belt KCL 1,783,500, 4)Shoe PDL 17,835,000, 5) Beret 7,011,000, Total 52,582,500, the remainder to be paid 119,407,138, Madam has already paid $1000 (9,200,000) grand total which I ask you to pay 162,789,638, rate 9200/USD……17,695 Madam I ask permission to inform that the Minister's four jackets are ready now. Thanks," Irma said in his SMS which was also received in the Minister for Justice's mobile phone.

According to information the Ministry of Justice has already distributed 198 uniforms to prison guards in Becora Prison and 38 to the Gleno Prison where each person received two sets each.

Despite this, according to sources from the Ministry of Justice, to date the Ministry of Finance does not know which company was awarded the tender.

The Minister for Justice, who is one of the AMP government's most powerful members, is also one who has been accused most often of being involved in corruption, collusion and nepotism. As a member of the 4th Constitutional government the Minister for Justice Lucia B. Lobato has a husband who is a businessman, with whom she has been unable to keep away from allegations of corruption, collusion and nepotism for giving projects to her husband and her friends. On Friday this newspaper obtained information showing that the Minister's husband had contact with a certain businessman. On the 9th of August the Minister attended the office of the Ombudsman for Human Rights to answer allegations regarding the rehabilitation of the Gleno Prison and Becora Prison, after which the Minister told journalists that she wanted "the investigation finished quickly, I ask the Ombudsman to investigate those they feel are important in the investigation, to hear them, compile the evidence in the case, and after the investigation has been completed make a full report to the prosecutorial services if they find indications of corruption and to make their findings public." She also said that she was not scared of facing a court to answer any allegations without hiding behind her immunity.

The AMP government is thinking of and wants to fight KKN, which is why the council of ministers has approved a law creating an anti corruption commission that will report directly to parliament, with strong powers to combat corruption pursuant to the demands of the people.

This intention by PM Xanana Gusmao was reinforced during his speech at the opening of the National Parliament's second legislative session on 9 October when he promised that, "We are not scared of acting, to move to clean up and punish acts of corruption."

"We will not just talk yet again because with empty words we cannot move this country forward."

"The government has taken the initiative of presenting a proposed law that will effectively fight corruption in a totally impartial and independent way and which you will all be able to see very soon, "Xanana promised to the representatives of the people in the Timor-Leste's sacred house.

The fourth constitutional government asked "We have to decide whether we want to just keep accusing and defaming one another to win some kind of political advantage and do nothing good for the people, or do we really want to create the tools which will be effective in wiping out corruption?"


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