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Timor guerilla held for assembling 'death squad'

The Age
Lindsay Murdoch
October 4, 2007

A FORMER East Timorese guerilla at the centre of allegations that forced Fretilin prime minister Mari Alkatiri from office last year has been arrested in Dili.

United Nations and Timorese police took Vicente da Conceicao, alias Commander Railos, into custody early yesterday and charged him with offences relating to gun fights at the height of violent upheaval in Dili in May last year.

A UN investigation into the violence found that Railos led 31 fighters in ambushes against Timorese soldiers where as many as nine people were killed.

It found that Railos' group had been supplied uniforms and weapons on the orders of the country's then Fretilin interior minister, Rogerio Lobato, who was subsequently jailed for seven years before leaving the country for medical treatment.

Police arrested Railos at a house in the seaside town of Liquica after Fretilin militants warned they would capture him themselves.

Claims by Railos that Mr Alkatiri was involved in setting up a hit squad to eliminate political rivals forced him to resign as prime minister.

Mr Alkatiri strenuously denied the allegations and prosecutors later said there was no evidence to substantiate them. Coverage of Railos' claims won the ABC's Lateline program a Gold Walkley Award.

Fretilin, the former ruling party that lost power at national elections in June, claimed last week that Railos had been responsible for continuing acts of violence while carrying a travel authorisation letter signed by Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao.

Meanwhile, President Jose Ramos Horta has announced plans for East Timor to become a tax-free country while spending more money on projects to lift Timorese from poverty.

He said Timor Sea oil and gas revenues now exceed $A112 million a month.

Nota de Rodapé:

A FRETILIN ter perdido o poder nas eleições, não, porque foi o partido mais votado. Mais correcto dizer que o poder lhe foi usurpado por Ramos-Horta e Xanana Gusmão.

Bracks job furore

The Age
Leon Gettler and David Rood
October 4, 2007

AdvertisementJUST over two months after he resigned as premier, Steve Bracks is embroiled in a political storm after landing a plum role with a major contractor to the Victorian Government — accountancy giant KPMG.

Mr Bracks started working for KPMG on Monday as a senior adviser and a member of the firm's advisory board.

While his pay is confidential, an industry source has estimated he could earn between $80,000 and $100,000 a year for being with KPMG one day a week — a far better daily rate than when he was premier.

KPMG national chairman Michael Andrew said Mr Bracks would provide invaluable advice. "Clients will benefit from his deep knowledge of how government works and from his insights into strategic issues facing governments," he said.

But opposition parties seized on the appointment, demanding guarantees that Mr Bracks would have no part in contracts involving the Government, and calling for a "cooling-off" period for ex-ministers taking up such roles.

The KPMG job is one of several that Mr Bracks has landed since he quit as premier in July, citing a desire to spend more time with his family.

Apart from his position advising East Timorese Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao, it has now emerged that Mr Bracks is joining the board of insurance company Jardine Lloyd Thompson, the advisory board of AIMS Financial Group, and becoming an honorary professorial fellow at Melbourne University.

But it is the KPMG role that is causing the stir. Opposition Leader Ted Baillieu said the Government had awarded KPMG more than 100 contracts and reviews, valued at more than $60 million, in seven years.

"It is quite extraordinary that Mr Bracks is now to be engaged by a private sector corporation under contract to the Victorian Government to provide advice on the very critical sectors of government," he said.

Greens MP Greg Barber said retiring ministers should have a minimum 12-month cooling-off period on their areas of responsibility, and a life ban on transactions they were involved in.

Mr Andrew denied that the appointment would give KPMG special access to Government secrets. "He is bound by cabinet in confidence, and we have also given an undertaking to the head of public service that Steve won't be walking the corridors of government for some time."

Mr Bracks was unavailable for comment last night. His office said his role was primarily to provide mentoring and leadership advice and "has nothing to do with lobbying".

Premier John Brumby would not answer questions, saying through a spokeswoman: "The former premier is entitled to pursue new opportunities after leaving public office."

“Railos” preso em Timor-Leste

Tradução da Margarida:

Comunicado de Imprensa da UNMIT - 3 Outubro de 2007

Dili, Outubro 3, 2007 – A Missão Integrada da ONU em Timor-Leste (UNMIT) confirmou que Vicente do Conceição, alias “Railos” foi preso cedo esta manhã na sua residência perto de Liquica.

Foi preso no cumprimento de um mandato de captura emitido em 13 de Setembro de2007 pelo seu alegado papel nos eventos de 25 e 26 de Maio do ano passado.

Railos foi acusado de ter violado os Artigos 338 e 55 do Código Penal, relativo a homicídio, e espera-se que apareça no Tribunal de Dili hoje mais tarde.

O Representante Especial do Secretário-Geral em Timor-Leste, Sr Atul Khare, saudou a detenção como um sinal do compromisso forte continuado das autoridades de Timor-Leste para implementarem as recomendações do Relatório da Comissão Especial de Inquérito da ONU emitido em Outubro do ano passado.

Oficiais da polícia da ONU, assistidos pela PNTL e ISF têm estado posicionados em locais sensíveis para manter a situação calma.

Para mais informações por favor ligue à porta-voz da UNMIT Allison Cooper no +670 7230453

Australianos justificam a sua presença militar num pais soberano por sondagems!!!

ABC Radio Last Updated 27/09/2007, 18:52:11 Select text size:

Australian survey team defends Solomons report

The leader of a survey team assessing public attitudes in Solomon Islands has defended its findings from an attack by Prime Minister Manessah Sogavare.

The study of public attitudes in Solomon Islands was conducted by the Australian National University.

Researchers spoke to 5,000 people on the island nation.

Some of the results have indicated high levels of support for the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI), which has been under attack by the Solomons' government.

Those findings have led Prime Minister Sogavare to dismiss the survey as biased.

Suvery leader, Dr Christine McMurray, from the Australian National University, says it is disappointing politics is affecting what is important information.

"It's always a pity if any survey becomes politicised, when the objective was to provide valid baseline data," she said.

"I think it's an extremely valuable resource. There's nothing else available in Solomon Islands to compare with, at the moment."

RAMSI, an Australian-led intervention force, was deployed to Solomon Islands in mid-2003 to help restore stability following five years of civil war.

Mais sobre a presença não desejada dos australianos...

ABC Radio Australia 3.10.07

Solomon Islands foreign minister Patteson Oti has held bilateral discussions with Fiji's prime minister Commodore Frank Bainimarama in New York.

Mr Oti briefed the Fijian prime minister on the Solomon Islands relationship with RAMSI.

Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation reports the two Melanesian countries also reiterated their call for closer engagement by the international community to address the underlying causes of the problems in the Pacific islands countries.

It is reported they want to move beyond governance issues to the root causes of instability in the Pacific region.

Solomons minister pushes UN over Australia's RAMSI role

ABC Radio Australia 3.10.07

The Solomon Islands government has called on the United Nations to remove Australia's dominance of the Regional Assistance Mission, RAMSI.

Solomon Islands foreign minister, Patteson Oti, has told the UN General Assembly the Australian leadership of RAMSI, is more interested in furthering the interests of Australia's federal government.

He also said RAMSI is trying to stop the sovereign government from making decisions for its own people.

Mr Oti says the UN Security Council must play a bigger part in the mission.

While RAMSI has the support of the United Nations, it is not a UN sanctioned peacekeeping force, and Solomon Islands' diplomatic relationship with Taiwan has meant bringing the issue to the security council would likely result in a veto by mainland China.

Australia 'not suprised' by UN speech

Australia's foreign minister, Alexander Downer, says he is not surprised the Solomon Islands Government used the United Nations to attack the role of the RAMSI.

Mr Downer says a coalition of politicians led by the Solomon Islands prime minister, Manasseh Sogavare, wants to destroy RAMSI.

"What stands in between RAMSI and its destruction, to tell you the truth, is the very strong public support there is in Solomon Islands for the continuation of RAMSI," he said.

Nota de Rodapé:

Quer dizer, não interessa ao Downer se o governo quer ou não quer eles lá. Já decidiram que vão ficar e agora justificam por sondagem publica. Que desrespeito total para a soberania de um país e povo.

Independência dos tribunais em perigo

The following is a loose translation from TVTL last night in today's (3.10.07) news summary:

"Minister of Justice Lucia Lobato stated that Timorese law allows international judges to exercise judicial functions in Timor-Leste, but that "we" will evaluate their performance. Those who are not performing well will have their contracts terminated."

She has shown yet again that she does not understand the separation of powers in this country, and the notion of the rule of law, little lone the independence of the judiciary. This is the Minister for Justice who has led ongoing attacks on the judiciary and is interfering with the judiciary. The same one who after being illegally sworn in by the President endeavored to interfere with a court order permitting a prisoner (Rogerio Lobato) seeking urgent medical assiatnce overseas. She tried to use her position as ade facto minister to decree police and immigration officers to obstruct and not execute a lawful court order.

Numerous parliamentarians raised numerous criticisms that she intended to interfere with the judiciary when they pointed out her proposals for "mechanisms for coordination" in relation to the administration and functioning of the courts and porsecutors offices during the debate over the government program. Now we can all see what she must have meant.....that judges are at risk of being sacked for not being liked and other judges more to her and the government's liking reappointed or appointed.

There are mechanisms to ensure the constitutionally mandated independence of judicial appointments and supervision. Its called the Law on The Superior Council for the Public Ministry. She should read it.....and the constitution and a Basic Legal concepts book as well whilst she is there.

Justice and the rule of law are in grave danger, if not already beyond salvaging in Timor-Leste, if this legal ignoramus of a minister remains there even if she is illegitimate. The damage will be too much.

Fim de papo senhora Ministra...

"Alfredo has the right to insist on justice

Minister of Justice Lucia Lobato said that as a citizen, Alfredo Reinado has the right to insist upon justice for himself.Ms. Lobato said that Reinado’s case has already been submitted to the government, and the government has also formed a task force to find a solution acceptable to all parties, including Alfredo Reinado."

STL – 3.10.2007

Nota de Rodapé:

Concerteza. E terá todas as hipóteses de o fazer. Em sede própria. Durante o seu julgamento. Para isso apenas terá que se entregar às autoridades.

E a senhora Ministra da Justiça e o Governo deixam aqui os seus palpites. Não lhes compete.

A data de julgamento de Alfredo Reinado será marcada nos próximos dias. Serão reemitidos novos mandados de captura e espera-se que a UNPOL e as forças de "estabilização" cumpram o seu dever.

Fim de papo para o Governo acerca desta questão.

UNMIT – MEDIA MONITORING - Wednesday, 03 October 2007

"UNMIT assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the articles or for the accuracy of their translations. The selection of the articles and their content do not indicate support or endorsement by UNMIT express or implied whatsoever. UNMIT shall not be responsible for any consequence resulting from the publication of, or from the reliance on, such articles and translations."

National Media Reports

Mario Carrascalao: we need a military court to process the F-FDTL case

The MP from the Social Democratic Party (PSD) of the national parliament, Mario Viegas Carrascalao, said that there should be a military court to solve F-FDTL cases.

“The military case that is currently in the court is a military crime that should be brought before a military court, not a civil court,” said Mr. Mario on Tuesday (02/10) in Dili.

He added that the military’s case has to be judged in a military court based on the military’s law. (TP)

Claudio Ximenes: “The law doesn’t allow me to give a statement”

The President of the Court of Appeal, Claudio Ximenes, said that the law gives him no room to give any statement about the letter issued by the judges with regards to the capture Alfredo Reinado Alves.

“I am not allowed to give any statements on cases already in the court process, because the court will make decision based on law; the court should not make a political decision,” said Mr. Claudio on Tuesday (02/10) in his office Caicoli, Dili. (TP)

Jose Neto Moc: UNPol should present facts to the court

The intelligent director of the PNTL, Inspector Jose Maria Neto Moc called on United Nations and UNPol to provide facts to the court following the incidents of 25 May 2006.

According to Mr. Neto, UN and UNPol have some facts regarding such incidents as UNPol members disarming PNTL.

“I am also a victim of the PNTL institution, so the UN and UNPol should state the facts,” said Mr. Neto on Tuesday (02/10) through a letter to the press. (STL and DN)

Alfredo has the right to insist on justice

Minister of Justice Lucia Lobato said that as a citizen, Alfredo Reinado has the right to insist upon justice for himself.

Ms. Lobato said that Reinado’s case has already been submitted to the government, and the government has also formed a task force to find a solution acceptable to all parties, including Alfredo Reinado.

Upon the request of Alfredo that his case should be judged by Timorese judges, Ms. Lobato said that at the present Timor-Leste does not have enough suitable Timorese judges to fill all of the judicial system. (STL)

Joaquim dos Santos: it is not the responsibility of Ramos-Horta to reduce poverty

Joaquim dos Santos, MP from Fretilin said that it is the responsibility of the government to reduce poverty in Timor-Leste, because the president cannot present initiatives to the parliament.

“The government is responsible for the allocation of the budget because it has exclusive competency to allocate the budget of the state,” said Mr. Joaquim on Tuesday (2/10), in response to the promise of President José Ramos-Horta that wants to be the lawyer for the poor and reduce the poverty. (STL)

UNMIT - Security Situation - Wednesday 3 October 2007

This is a broadcast of the UN Police in Timor-Leste to provide you with information about the security situation around the country.

The security situation in Timor-Leste has been generally calm.

Earlier today, police arrested Vicente do Conceicao, alias “Railos”, at his residence near Liquica. He was arrested pursuant to a warrant issued on September 13, 2007 for his alleged role in the events of the 24 and 25 May 2006. Railos has been charged for violating Articles 338 and 55 of the Penal Code, related to homicide, and is expected to appear in Court in Dili later today.

Earlier today in Dili, UNPol attended two confirmed incidents: a minor traffic accident, and a case of domestic violence.

The situation remained calm in Dili on Tuesday night. There were no arrests, although two people were brought to Dili District Headquarters for identification purposes.

On Tuesday in Viqueque, police arrested a 26-year-old man in connection with several arson attacks. He is now being held in Baucau prison and will shortly be presented to the court.

The Police advise to avoid travelling during the night to the most affected areas. Please report any suspicious activities. You can call 112 or 7230365 to contact the police 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“Railos” arrested in Timor-Leste

UNMIT Press Release - 3 October 2007

Dili, October 3, 2007 - The United Nations Integrated Mission in Timor-Leste (UNMIT) has confirmed that Vicente do Conceicao, alias “Railos” was arrested early this morning at his residence near Liquica.

He was arrested pursuant to an arrest warrant issued on September 13, 2007 for his alleged role in the events of the 25th and 26th of May last year.

Railos has been charged for violating Articles 338 and 55 of the Penal Code, related to homicide, and is expected to appear in Court in Dili later today.

The Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Timor-Leste, Mr Atul Khare, welcomed the arrest as a continued sign of the continued strong commitment of the authorities of Timor-Leste to implement recommendations of the UN Special Commission of Inquiry Report issued in October last year.

UN police officers, assisted by the National Police of Timor-Leste (PNTL) and the International Security Forces (ISF) have been positioned in sensitive locations to maintain a calm situation.

For more information please call UNMIT Spokesperson Allison Cooper on +670 7230453

East Timor arrests alleged hit squad leader

Wednesday, October 3, 2007; 4:20 AM

DILI (Reuters) - Police in East Timor arrested on Wednesday the suspected head of a hit squad linked with a former interior minister convicted of giving weapons to civilians during a wave of violence last year, the United Nations and police said.

Vicente "Railos" da Conciecao was arrested at his home in Liquica district and charges against him were related to homicide, the United Nations mission in East Timor said in a statement.

He has been linked with former interior minister Rogerio Lobato who was sentenced to seven-and-a-half years in March for distributing weapons and ammunition to civilians.

Violence broke out in the impoverished tiny country in May last year after the government sacked 600 mutinous members of East Timor's 1,400-strong army. At least 37 people were killed.

The chaos drove more than 100,000 people from their homes and led to the deployment of an international peacekeeping force.

Railos was expected to appear in court in the capital, Dili, later on Wednesday.

"Railos and five of his members are in preventive prison now," police operations commander Mateus Fernandes told Reuters.

Julio da Silva, a relative of Railos, said the arrest was illegal because police did not have a warrant.

East Timor voted in a 1999 referendum for independence from Indonesia, which annexed it after Portugal ended its colonial rule in 1975. The country became fully independent in 2002 after a period of U.N. administration.

Para ouvir a gravação...

Pode ouvir a gravação da conversa entre o Procurador-Geral da República, Longuinhos Monteiro, Agio Pereira e Leandro Isaac, aqui.

Former ETimor guerrilla fighter arrested over unrest

2 hours ago

DILI (AFP) — A former East Timorese guerrilla fighter was arrested on Wednesday and charged in connection with deadly unrest that flared here last year, the United Nations mission said.

Vicente "Railos" da Conceicao was among a number of key protagonists in a complex plot surrounding East Timor's descent into chaos in April and May last year that is still being unravelled by investigators.

At least 37 people were killed when fighting between various factions of the security forces and gang warfare erupted following the sacking of deserting soldiers. Thousands of foreign peacekeepers were deployed to restore calm.

Da Conceicao and his civilian followers alleged they received weapons from them interior minister Rogerio Lobato, who was jailed for his role in distributing arms, and were paid to kill their political opponents.

"He was arrested pursuant to an arrest warrant issued on September 13, 2007 for his alleged role in the events of the 25th and 26th of May last year," the UN mission said in a statement.

"Railos has been charged for violating Articles 338 and 55 of the Penal Code, related to homicide, and is expected to appear in court in Dili later today," it said.

Da Conceicao and his 34 followers eventually handed over their weapons -- 14 assault rifles -- to then prime minister Jose Ramos-Horta in July last year in a ceremony attended by hundreds of people outside the capital.

The ex-fighter apologised publicly for keeping the weapons and maintained they had not been used to carry out the alleged orders of Lobato and then prime minister Mari Alkatiri.

Ramos-Horta hailed the group at the time as setting an example of patriotism in the tiny nation, saying they had not used their weapons against the people.

Alkatiri resigned in the wake of the violence. Ramos-Horta served as interim prime minister until Xanana Gusmao, the country's former president, assumed the post following elections this year.

The UN's top official here, Atul Khare, welcomed Da Conceicao's arrest as being a sign of "the continued strong commitment of the authorities of Timor-Leste to implement recommendations of the UN Special Commission of Inquiry Report issued in October last year."

That commission had recommended that Alkatiri be investigated for his role in the violence, but prosecutors found there was no evidence to support laying criminal charges against him.

Lobato, who was jailed in March, has since travelled to Malaysia for medical treatment and Dili has asked for international assistance to ensure he returns to serve out his seven-year term.

UN and local police along with the International Security Forces (ISF) have been positioned in sensitive locations to maintain order following Da Conceicao's arrest, the UN mission also said.

Envolvimento de Xanana no golpe

No Blog Mercosul & CPLP: http://www.mercosulcplp.blogspot.com/

De acordo com informações e provas divulgadas em Timor-Leste, o então presidente Xanana Gusmão participou ativamente na organização e execução do sangrento golpe de estado que, com o apoio do governo australiano, levou à demissão do primeiro-ministro Mari Alkatiri, em 2006.

Já é de conhecimento público que Xanana ordenou os ataques contra as FALINTIL/Forças de Defesa de Timor-Leste e a residência do seu comandante, general Taur Matan Ruak.

Paulo Martins e Vicente da Conceição ‘Railos’ estiveram envolvidos nas operações de desestabilização.

Declarações feitas por este ultimo indicam que ele se encontrava em contato permanente com Xanana Gusmão, de quem recebia ordens através de um número privativo de celular da presidência.

A “guia de marcha” (salvo conduto) apresentada no parlamento timorense, assinada por Gusmão e Paulo Martins, na altura comandante da Polícia Nacional, confirma, juntamente com outras provas, que o então presidente é responsavel direto pelo surto de violência que provocou mortes, destruições e 150 mil refugiados internos.

O golpe permitiu à Austrália não só assumir o controle das reservas de gás e petróleo de Timor-Leste como tambem expandir a presença das suas tropas no território.

A conspiração feita com uma potência estrangeira contra o seu próprio país equivale a crime de alta traição. Este ato contém todos os elementos necessários para levar Xanana Gusmão e os seus aliados internos e externos ao banco dos réus de um tribunal internacional.)

Dos Leitores

Cobramalai deixou um novo comentário na sua mensagem "Trancrição de Conversa Telefonica entre Longuinhos...":

Parece que pouco a pouco se vão descobrindo as verdades, os pequenos podres, as pontinhas do véu do golpe que muitos ainda insistem em chamar de teoria...... e com certeza muitas mais "coincidências" virão ao de cima, porque quando se juntam as comadres....

Processo de Reinado remitido para a fase de julgamento

Alfredo Reinado vai ser julgado finalmente.

É acusado de vários crimes, entre eles de quatro homicidios, posse ilegal de armas e crime de rebelião.

Aguarda-se data do julgamento para breve. Serão emitidos novos mandados de captura.

Railos detido hoje às 5 da manhã

Railos foi detido hoje de madrugada pela UNPOL e será ouvido em tribunal nas próximas 72 horas onde se poderá, ou não, confirmar a sua prisão preventiva.

Trancrição de Conversa Telefonica entre Longuinhos Monteiro (“LM”), Leandro Isaac (“LI”) e Hermenegildo Pereira

Trancrição de Conversa Telefonica entre Longuinhos Monteiro (“LM”), Leandro Isaac (“LI”) e Hermenegildo Pereira, Tambem Conhecido como “Agio” Pereira (“HP”); numa data desconhecida mas durante a Primeira ou Segunda Ronda da Campanha Presidensial.


LI: Sim Ah!

LM: Eles acharam muita graça, ate eles pediram a mim, ho telefone tok ba haruka nia lé tok surat sira nian nee nian conteudo nee saida deit. Sira dehan possa pa, ida nee mos terlalu (demais), ida F nia carta ba Alfredo.

LI: Ah Ah Ah (laughing).

LM: Eh Agora agora. Ita nain rua kolian mak nee mas Katuas rona hela.

LI: Oh! Nune ka? Pronto dehan hau nia cumpirmentos , hau nia bom dia , hau nia hakuak boot, mas boot ho fuan, laos ho ulun manas. Hato ba nia. Hato nee ho fuan.

LM: Ok.

LI: Laos ho ulun manas.

LM: Ok.

LI: Eh.

LM: Então ho lé tok narasaida, carta nee ninia conteúdo dehan nusa deit, ida F nian.

LI: Ah. Hanesa nee. Major Alfredo ami nian, ita nian asuwain. Heroi.

LM: Sim.Sim.

LI: Heroi. Aaahhh…Tamba ida nee mak ita hotu tenke respeita nia.

LM: Hm.Hm.

LI: Ahhmm. Mjor alfredo hatetete ona katak povo labele hili Ramos Horta.

LM: Nee katuas hamnasa hela. Aahh…dehan ba.

LI: Tamba ida nee, tamba ida nee mak povo tenke fo protesaun bo’ot ba ita nia aswain ida nee. Labele husik atu nia monu iha Ramos-Horta ninia…ah…anzol.

LM: Hm.Hm.

LI: Atu nia tur porque se karik nia tun atu monu iha ramos Horta nia anzol maka nia ramos Horta sei entrega ba Forsa Australia hodi oho te nia.

LM: Ok. Ok. Ok.

LI: Ah…Nee sira nia propaganda ba que agora fo sai hela.

LM: Ok. Ta bem. Ta bem.

LI: Ah. Ah sim.

LM: Ta bem ta bem. Então inti (nucleú) mak nee?

LI: Inti mak nee. Inti mak nee.

LM: Oh.

LI: Haruka mos ida mai hau. kemungkinan (possivelmente) hau ohin ororas tan hau simu ona. Orasida mai hau.

LM: Simu te ba mak kanaliza ida fali tok mai.

LI: Oh. Com certeza. Com certeza. Com certeza.

LM: Ta bem. Ta bem, Mano……Então obrigado mak nee deit mano.

LI: Obrigado bo’ot. Obrigado bo’ot. Hau nia haluak bo’ot ba Sr. Presidente ho fuan mehan laos fuan, laos metan.

LM: Ok.

(Voice of Agio Pereira heard in the background)

LI: Sei mehan…..então obrigado.

LM: Mano hein lae itoan. Keta taka lae. Keta taka lae. Hau passa telephone hein lae. Hau passa telephone ba Segundo, Segundo. Hein lae.

LI: Ah diak.

HP: Excelencia!

LI: Aih! Meu irmão! Então!

HP: Agora deputado clandestine pa!

LI: Não! Não é deputado… deixei de ser. (HP laughing) É Leandro Isaac. É verdade.

(HP Laughing.)

HP: A luta continua em todas as frentes.

(LI laughing)

LI: É verdade. É verdade.

HP: Irmão depois, depois manda-me o seu numero novo.

LI: ta bem. Ta bem. Eu mando. Eu mando.

HP: Ou então eu tiro daqui com o irmão Long.

LI: É. Mas sabe o que? Eu hohe disse ao PM. Eu disse as muitos, que, eu a partir de hoje dia 14 eu sigo aquilo que o Presidente, o nosso irmão mais velho na altura o Xanana Gusmão dizia em 92, “deixamos a politica do quarto e vamos para a varanda”.

HP: Sim Sim.

LI: Vamos para a varanda. Eu hoje ja estou na varanda. Hoje disse ao PM, todos os meus numerous antigamente eu usava eu vou abrir. Que me apanham onde queiram apanhar, ou que me que….podem detector onde eu estou e que mandem um tiro e que eu morro. Mas a partir de hoje eu vou sair para a varanda.

HP: Ta bem.

LI: Aquilo que em 92 o velhote Xanana dizia.

HP: Depois eu ligo. Depois eu ligo mais.

LI: É…ta bem…pronto.

HP: Ta aqui o Long.


LM: Então fica assim mano.

LI: Pronto. Pronto Maun.

LM: Pronto. Já dei o numero.

LI: Já disseste aquilo?…Hello?

LM: Ah. Sim. Sim.

LI: Já disseste aquela decisão de ontem , antes de ontem, que a Comité Central tomou?

LM: Ah. Sobre!?

LI: Os três. Os três resignaram. Os três.

LM: Ah. Ah. Sim, sim, sim.

LI: Os três resignaram. Entregaram o partido aos mais novos.

LM: Ok. Ta bem. Ta bem.

LI: Conta isso. Conta isso que ‘e muito bonito isso.

LM: Ok. Ta bem. Ta bem.

LI: Nos tivemos o nosso, o nosso inteligente na reunião e informaram-nos esta manha.

LM: Ta bem. Ta bem. Ta bem.

LI: Conta isto que é muito bonito.

LM: Ta bem. Ta bem.

LM: Obrigado, obrigado.

LI: Obrigado, Obrigado.



Todas as traduções de inglês para português (e também de francês para português) são feitas pela Margarida, que conhecemos recentemente, mas que desde sempre nos ajuda.

Obrigado pela solidariedade, Margarida!

Mensagem inicial - 16 de Maio de 2006

"Apesar de frágil, Timor-Leste é uma jovem democracia em que acreditamos. É o país que escolhemos para viver e trabalhar. Desde dia 28 de Abril muito se tem dito sobre a situação em Timor-Leste. Boatos, rumores, alertas, declarações de países estrangeiros, inocentes ou não, têm servido para transmitir um clima de conflito e insegurança que não corresponde ao que vivemos. Vamos tentar transmitir o que se passa aqui. Não o que ouvimos dizer... "

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