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Dili, December 6 2006

Heroes of the nation to receive medals from the leaders of the nation

Almost 500 heroes of Timor-Leste will tomorrow be presented with specially designed medals of honor from the leaders of the nation in a ceremony at the Borja da Costa Independence Park (behind Moatel Church).

The men and women will be presented with the awards to recognise their bravery and sacrifices during the struggle for independence. Many of the medals will be awarded posthumously to their families.

The ceremony will begin at 2 p.m.

President Xanana Gusmão; the President of the National Parliament Francisco Guterres “Lu Olo”; Prime Minister Dr José Ramos-Horta; the President of the Appeals Court Claudio de Jesus Ximenes; and the Chief of the Defence Force Brigadier-Taur Matan Ruak will be among the country’s leaders who will assist at the ceremony.

“These medals recognise the heroism and sacrifices so many of our people made during the struggle for freedom,” Prime Minister José Ramos-Horta said today.

“Many of our friends and comrades in arms are not here with us today but these medals will be given to their families so that they will never, ever, be forgotten.

“And while we remember the struggles and pain of the past it is now time to look to the future. It is a future for Timor-Leste of strength and prosperity through peace and unity.”

Four medals will be awarded:

· The Honorifico da Ordem Lorico Aswain, or “brave Parrot” – a symbol of bravery and strength in Timor-Leste.
· The Honorifico da Ordem Fumu Nain, or “warriors”.
· The Honorifico da Ordem das Falintil, for members of Falintil.
· The Honorifico da Ordem da Guerrilha, for the guerilla fighters.

The theme of searching for peace and solidarity will continue in Independence Park from 5 p.m. through to 11 p.m. with a program of activities organized by the Hahi Ita Rain National Events Commission.

This program of song, theatre and poetry focuses on a rallying call for the people to work together, once again, to build their culture, their nation, and a better life.

A special feature of the evening will be a giant “lolly hunt” where all the children will be organised into a search for treats in the park.



Dili, December 6 2006

New Bakhita Clinic at Eraulo to provide medical, dental and nutritional services

The people at Eraulo south-west of Dili now have a new clinic to provide medical, dental and other communal health services thanks to the generosity of Australian donors and the hard work of the local community.

Prime Minister Dr José Ramos-Horta yesterday (Tuesday, December 5) opened the new Bakhita Medical Clinic, which has taken four years and more than $US30,000 in donations to complete.

Consisting of a modern new building featuring a birthing room, dental facilities, emergency treatment areas and offices, the Bakhita Clinic in conjunction with the health centre ambulance service provides assistance to a local community of between 2,000 and 3,000 people. The Clinic complements the Gleno Hospital and the national hospital in Dili.

“This beautiful new building is a result of much hard work by the local community and the people of Australia who have been so generous with both money and energy,” Dr Ramos-Horta said.

“Up until the recent troubles we had visiting doctors and dentists from Australia here on an almost-continuous basis. I hope that with the opening of this new facility our Australian medical friends come back for their frequent visits once again.

“Their services to our community are very much appreciated.”

Since the upheaval, medical services have been sporadic with volunteer doctors from Dili visiting once every couple of weeks.

The St John of God Hospital Service, the Catholic Church, Darwin Rotary and other Australian Rotary clubs, and East Timor Sunrise in Darwin, Australia, contributed time and money to the project. Young volunteers from the Bakhita Centre, which is situated nearby, provided leadership to the community during construction. Brian and Pat Measey from Darwin Thrifty provided particular assistance to the project.

“The young volunteers at the Bakhita Centre are wonderful,” Dr Ramos-Horta said. “They are working with the Catholic Church to help the local community with Health and education services, nutrition advice, the installation of water systems, buildings, community facilities, landscaping and putting in septic systems.

“There are just so many people who have played a role in helping this community. I thank them from the bottom of my heart.”

A spokesman for East Timor Sunrise said the organisation was pleased and privileged to work with the people of Ermera.

“We have been involved with the Bakhita Centre for some time now and we are very pleased that our work is of some use,” he said.

“We will continue to help the community as long as possible.”


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The Honorifico da Ordem Fumu Nain, or “warriors”.

Isto saiu num press release do Gabinete do PM Horta "Fumu" Nain. Deve ser Funu Nain. Quer dizer aonde ha fumu ha fogo. Vai ser Interessante quem recebe esta condecoracao.


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