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Why are Xanana's supporters burning and attacking people?

Xanana please control them they were at your rally to support your request for the PM's resignation. You have it Please stop burning and the violence.

People have seen already who attacked the refugees.


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José Carlos Matias (馬天龍) disse...

E Timor's 'wrong kind of leader'
By Jonathan Head
South East Asia correspondent, BBC News

It was with a characteristically unemotional performance that Mari Alkatiri announced the end of his - and East Timor's - first prime ministerial term.

"Having reflected deeply on the present situation prevailing in the country, assuming my own share of responsibility for the crisis, I am ready to resign from my position as prime minister," he told a press conference in Dili.

This, after weeks of pressure, during which he had repeatedly insisted his resignation would solve nothing, and had received the full backing of his party, Fretilin, which holds a majority of the seats in parliament.

So why the change of heart?

Mr Alkatiri referred to his desire to avoid a threatened resignation by President Xanana Gusmao - but that threat was made last week, and then withdrawn, so it is difficult to understand why it would have changed his mind now.

More likely it was the continued discussions with his colleagues in government on how to get East Timor out of the mess it is in that persuaded Mr Alkatiri to go.

He has long been indifferent to his own unpopularity, but in the current chaos the country needs a less divisive leader.

There was jubilation over the decision across the capital, Dili, and probably in many other areas of East Timor.

Mr Alkatiri has become a hate-figure, blamed for everything that has gone wrong in the country, and it was hard to see how rebuilding confidence and stability after the traumatic events of the past few weeks could start while he remained in office.

But was he really so bad?

Brusque manner

You hear many complaints about Mr Alkatiri, some of them obviously unjust.

I have often heard young people complain that he is a Muslim, as though that is a crime in a supposedly democratic and tolerant country.

They also accuse him of being a communist, because of his left-wing views and his long years living in Mozambique.

But these may at times have served East Timor well. His instinctive mistrust of Western help led him to drive a very hard bargain with Australia over East Timor's rights to oil and gas in the Timor Sea, helped by his skills as a negotiator.

It is unlikely anyone else could have done as well for the country.

He also has a deep personal commitment to the sustainable development of his country, and has tried hard to avoid too much aid dependency - ideas formed during his African exile.

Much of his unpopularity is due to his brusque, business-like manner.

He is an intellectual, impatient with people who express poorly thought-out ideas.

He has never seemed able to empathise with the suffering experienced by much of the population during the Indonesian occupation, or to find the right words to comfort those who are often unable to articulate what they feel about those years.

By contrast, President Gusmao is a master of the art of healing. With a few simple words, or just a hug, he can move crowds to tears.

Shortage of talent

The two men who have been running the country since independence could hardly have more different styles, and they have had a very uneasy relationship with each other.

Much of that goes back to Mr Gusmao's distrust of the Fretilin party, which he blames for harsh treatment of its rivals during the bitter struggle against Indonesian rule.

Mr Alkatiri is a consummate party man - Fretilin reaffirmed its backing for him three times in recent weeks, the last time less than 24 hours before he resigned.

The party remained loyal to the end, but he was arguably the wrong kind of leader for a country as traumatised as East Timor.

More serious are the charges against Mr Alkatiri of corruption, and abuses of power.

Some of these will now be examined by an internationally-supervised investigation, as East Timor's infant judiciary is not up to the job.

Some corruption is perhaps inevitable, given the traditions of patronage and money-politics that prevail elsewhere in the region, but the charges of abusing his power are more serious.

A documentary by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's Four Corners programme claims to have documentary evidence that Mr Alkatiri tacitly approved of the distribution of police weapons to civilians - a charge that has already led to the arrest of former Interior Minister Rogerio Lobato, at one time an ally of the prime minister.

Mr Alkatiri has denied the charges, and the prosecutor-general says he has not yet uncovered any evidence against him.

Certainly the murky events leading up to and after the fateful decision by Mr Alkatiri to endorse sacking more than a third of the army earlier this year need more investigation.

The fact that he was re-elected at the Fretilin party congress last month by a show of hands, rather by a secret ballot, does not reflect well on his democratic values.

But it is also worth remembering that East Timor has few capable leaders.

Education levels are among the world's lowest, and the long years of conflict under Indonesia's occupation, and Indonesia's chaotic withdrawal in 1999, left few local people with experience of government.

Mari Alkatiri is among the best they have. The country can ill-afford the loss of his abilities.

Anónimo disse...

Xanana perdeu o controle da situação. Os povos estão loucos porque a verdade foi revelada. Por favor Marcgarida traduz este artigo. Você alega governo de s de FRETILIN 'não pode manter a segurança. Você cant mesmo o controle seus próprios demonstradores. Xanana supõe sua responsabilidade. ONDE ESTA A DEMOCRACIA. NÃO MATAR A DEMOCRACIA XANANA.

Fresh violence erupts in Dili
By Jill Jolliffe
June 28, 2006
RENEWED violence was sweeping East Timor's capital with sporadic shooting, hit-and-run arson raids and attacks on minority ethnic groups from its east.
Around 26 buildings have been destroyed in Dili since last night.

Stone-throwing mobs have also attacked with refugee camps sheltering easterners also being attacked.

They also attacked the national television station but were quickly repelled by Australian and Portuguese peacekeepers.

Anger at a television broadcast showing outgoing prime minister Mari Alkatiri meeting several thousand supporters yesterday at Hera, 10km east of Dili, sparked the attacks.

He asked them to abandon immediate plans to enter the capital, where peacekeepers feared clashes with anti-Alkatiri forces, but told them to return in one or two days.

The demonstrators bore banners describing president Xanana Gusmao as communist and accusing Australia of being behind Dr Alkatiri's fall.

The incidents come only two days after Dr Alkatiri said in his resignation speech he would work to calm the current situation.

Minutes after the broadcast shots rang out round Dili and some residences of leaders of Alkatiri's Fretilin Party and people of eastern origin were torched.

Peacekeepers were kept busy throughout the night chasing arsonists.

An Australian foot patrol in the central Kampung Alor district called in support from a Black Hawk helicopter which hovered overhead until four suspects it was chasing were seized and paraded ostentatiously through the neighbourhood.

The house of Jacob Fernandes, a Fretilin official who was with Dr Alkatiri at Hera was in flames minutes after the broadcast ended.

Soon after daybreak today the residence of Jose Reis, another senior party leader, was also torched.

A mob later burned down a Fretilin suburban headquarters and four houses at Comoro near Dili airport, where Australian Federal Police charged a youth with arson.

Bystander Carlos Fernandes said the Comoro attack occurred because "we don't want communists in this country. A lot of people are going crazy about the news broadcast. It attacked Australia and praised Dr Alkatiri."

This morning anti-Alkatiri demonstrators threw rocks at eastern refugees sheltering in Dili port area, following a similar incident at Fatu-Meta seminary the evening before.

Anónimo disse...


Anónimo disse...

Siapa yg memprovokasi massa di Metinaro??????? aha ketahuan belangnya......MARI ALKATIRI lah orangnya.....tukang devide povo....

Malai Azul, opinion hrs fair...mungkin tdk sempat nonton TVTL krn lagi makan hamburger di citi cafe.....

Provokator itu t4nya di BUI

Anónimo disse...

Triste! Muito triste! As consequencias de mais uma atitude provocadora do Mari Alkatiri. Ja perdeste a posicao de PM pela tua propria incapacidade.


Anónimo disse...


Ema sira apoia Xanana ne mak agora sunu daudauk uma iha Dili. Jacob Fernandes nia uma ema sunu, Jose Reis nia uma ema sunu.... Militante ho membru FRETILIN nian iha Dili moris ho tauk. Tara ho Tilman nia milisi ataka refugiadu sira iha Dili!

FRETILIN sei marcha mai Dili. Traidores sira ne sei hamos hotu hosi Timor-Leste.

Povo Maubere tenki hetan jusitca!

Anónimo disse...

Mai Dili ba quando la fila fali ba imi nia kadunan lalika fo todan oou culpa ba ema seluk (ex. Jose Reis, Jaco Fernades,cs)....imi kala isi besi hotu....e ema iha dili kala toba deit hein imi

Iha Becora ou area branca deit mos sei la liu karikkk.....

Dasar otak berisi TAI.....

Anónimo disse...


Porque é que estão os apoiantes de Xanana a queimar e a atacar as pessoas?
Xanana por favor controla-os, eles estiveram na tua concentração para apoiar o teu pedido da resignação do PM. Podes fazê-lo. Por favor pára os incêndios e a violência.

As pessoas já sabem quem atacou os deslocados.

Anónimo disse...

Anónimo das 2:01:27 PM: lembre-se que Mari Alkatiri é o PM de Timor-Leste, foi eleito pelos votos dos Timorenses e em qualquer Estado democrático são os votos dos seus habitantes que elegem os seus líderes governamentais e os deputados que fiscalizam a actividade dos seus governantes e elaboram as leis que regulam a sociedade.


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