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Acordo tri-lateral - RDTL, UN e Austália

Foi hoje assinado o Memorandum de Entendimento entre Timor-Leste, as Nações Unidas e a Austrália sobre a assistência à República Democrática de Timor-Leste.

O acordo foi assinado pelo Ministro dos Negócios Estrangeiros, o RESG da UN, Atul Khare e a Embaixadora da Austrália, Margareth Twoney.


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Mais do mesmo...

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Paulatinamente (a pouco e pouco) a Austrália vai tomando conta de Timor-Leste. Os timorenses ainda não foi desta que se livraram do colonialismo.Depois dos portugueses os Indonésios e depois destes os Australianos.
Vou passar a escrever em Inglês.

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Friday January 26, 11:05 PM
Australia, UN sign Timor security pact
Australia and the United Nations have signed an agreement with East Timor to help co-ordinate security assistance in the small but troubled country, the UN says.

The agreement, signed on Friday, establishes a trilateral forum to discuss security issues and ensure coordination between the Timorese government, UN and Australian-led international peacekeepers who were deployed following unrest last year.

UN special representative Atul Khare said in a statement it was "a useful step forward in clarifying how security cooperation between the three bodies will move forward in a way that will promote a sustainable stability in Timor-Leste".

"We are here to assist and support the government of Timor-Leste, but it is the Timorese who have the prime responsibility for maintenance of security and stability," he said.

Foreign Minister Alexander Downer announced the treaty last week during a visit to New York where he met with new UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon to discuss the situation in East Timor.

He said the memorandum of understanding would formalise ties between the Australian Defence Force and other international forces commanded by the Australians and the UN deployment in East Timor.

"I said to the secretary-general I think the UN can continue to play, and must play, a very important role in mentoring and advising the East Timorese political leadership," Mr Downer said in New York.

"It's difficult for international individual governments to do that with other governments, for obvious reasons, but it's a role the UN particularly can play and is suited to."

An outbreak of violence in Dili in May last year resulted in the deaths of 37 people when clashes between security force factions degenerated into street violence, pitting members of street gangs and rival martial art schools against each other.

More people have since been killed in sporadic violence in Dili and surrounding districts.

The violence prompted the fledgling nation to seek the deployment of foreign peacekeepers and UN police, and the installation of a new government in July headed by Prime Minister Jose Ramos-Horta, a Nobel Peace Prize winner.

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Friday January 26, 8:41 AM
Japan to send 2 civilian police officers to E. Timor
(Kyodo) _ The Cabinet on Friday decided an ordinance and a plan to send two civilian police officers to East Timor at the end of this month based on a law to offer support to U.N. peacekeeping activities.
The two officers are Chief Superintendent Shigeru Yotoriyama, 44, an official in charge of international assistance at the National Police Agency, and Police Superintendent Toru Uto, 47, who is temporarily assigned to the NPA from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department.

The two will leave Japan and become members of the U.N. peacekeeping mission as of next Wednesday, and will arrive in the country on Feb. 2.

The two will advise and instruct the police sector of the United Nations Integrated Mission In Timor-Leste, or UNMIT, for rebuilding the local police force.

It is the third time for Japan to send civilian police officers to U.N. peacekeeping activities, following the 1992-1993 mission to Cambodia and 1999 one to East Timor.

Japanese officers sent to East Timor in 1999 were unarmed, but Yotoriyama and Uto will be carrying handguns, the government said. The decision was made as all civilian police officers with UNMIT carry handguns, the Cabinet Office said.
East Timor gained independence from Indonesia in May 2002 with U.N. assistance, but slipped into unrest last year when nearly 600 disgruntled soldiers of the 1,400-member army were fired. The United Nations voted in August that year to create UNMIT.

The NPA said about 1,100 civilian police officers from 29 countries were stationed in the country as of the end of December.

Based in the capital city of Dili, Yotoriyama will serve as a special adviser to the country's police commissioner while Uto provides support. But they will not participate in patrol or other security operations.

Their assignment will last through March 31, but is likely to be extended. The UNMIT mission, set to expire in February, is almost certain to be extended by at least six months to support the presidential election scheduled around May.

The NPA says the local security situation is relatively stable. There are reports of stone throwing and other minor incidents, but the number of displaced people has gone down from last year. But the security situation can get worse as the election nears, it said.

The government has also decided to send Assistant Police Inspector Hiroyuki Hagiwara, 41, and two others as liaison officers to set up the Dili office.

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Aonde há petroleo, há sem dúvida a aparecencia do Novo Colonialismo. Especialmente com a sede com que andam a India e China e outros a mirar o petroleo no mar de Timot e em Timor-Leste proprio. Ai ai! Que claro esta estrategia.


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