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Comentário sobre a sua postagem ""Reinado passou dos limites", declara Presidente X...":

Como é possivel um Presidente da repúlica autorizar a captura de quem quer que seja???

Então não existem Tribunais em Timor???

Ou será que Xanana deixou a boca fugir para a verdade e agora já vai autorizar o seu "empregado" Longuinhos Monteiro, que dizem é Procurador Geral a fazer de conta que caça o homem???

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Tarde demais.

O Major Reinado teve, quando em Ermera, mais tempo de antena na TVTL do que o PR e o PM.
Perante a incapacidade e inaccao do poder politico, perante a quantidade de problemas para resolver, os campos (cancros) de refugiados, etc. etc., o Major ja colheu a simpatia suficiente na capital para ter 2 saidas: martir ou heroi.

E, no fluir da escrita, ocorre-me uma duvida, quem sao os militares que estao “bunkerizados” na entrada da Procuradoria?
Talvez possam de novo ajudar o Procurador a reencontrar-se com um foragido da justica e traze-lo ante os tribunais.


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Government of Timor-Leste

27 February 2007

Government solves rice shortage and warns against hoarding

The government of Timor-Leste (East Timor) has already begun distributing imported rice in Dili and outlying districts and threatened to prosecute hoarders seeking to artificially increase prices.

The World Food Program has lent 800 tonnes of rice to the government. Three hundred tonnes of rice has been sold to the cooperatives and rural retailers and the remaining 500 tonnes will soon be made available for sale. The rice is being sold at US$2 per 5kg and the government will be required to replenish the rice stocks of the World Food Program once it has sufficient reserves of rice.

First Deputy Prime Minister and Minster for Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Estanislau Da Silva, said the government expected to receive rice shipments later this week and next week.

Mr Da Silva said the government is investigating whether any private businesses have been hoarding rice in order to artificially increase the price.

“If any businesses are found to be engaging in such practices, appropriate action will be taken through the judicial system,” Mr Da Silva said. The National Parliament is also carrying out an investigation.

Mr Da Silva also rejected accusations by a Dili Catholic priest, Father Domingos Soares “Maubere” that the Government has been hoarding rice and selling it to supporters of the ruling party FRETILIN. Father Domingos Soares “Maubere” is a well-known opponent of the government who led anti-government demonstrations in 2005.

“This completely false and ridiculous allegation from a member of the Church is irresponsible and may serve to further destabilise the already volatile security situation,” he said.

“As a member of FRETILIN, I have not bought any rice from the Government nor do FRETILIN members receive preferential treatment in respect of rice distribution. In my office, I have received people from all opposition political parties to discuss solutions to the apparent rice shortage. If anybody has any concerns they should contact my ministry directly to clarify any issues,” Mr Da Silva said.

He said that while there appeared to be a shortage of rice there was no overall food shortage in Timor-Leste, with sufficient reserves of potatoes, cassava and maize to feed the population.

“People who claim that Timor-Leste is experiencing starvation are spreading misinformation about the current situation in an attempt to score political points without regard to the fact that their comments are misleading and destabilizing,” he said.

“The government took strict measures after the ransacking of the rice warehouses during the 2006 crisis to ensure that there was no food shortage in Timor-Leste.”

“Let’s not forget that the Timorese Government has been distributing rice to internally displaced people and other vulnerable people at no cost and is purchasing more rice to continue the feeding program. The government also has put in place mother and child feeding programs as well as school feeding programs”, da Silva said.

“The rice shortage is actually a region wide issue with Indonesia and the Philippines also experiencing similar problems. However, we expect that Thailand and Vietnam will harvest their rice in the next month or so which will help to alleviate the supply concerns around the region, including in Timor-Leste.”

For further comment: Carmen da Cruz, +6707274156.

Carmen da Cruz is the Director of Social Services in the Ministry of Labour and Community Reinsertion

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Media Release

27 February 2007

Reinado attacks aimed at stopping elections

Timor-Leste (East Timor) army mutineers led by Major Alfredo Reinado have attacked police stations in order to spread panic and stop elections from going ahead, a spokesperson for Timor-Leste’s governing party Fretilin said today.

Fretilin spokesperson in Sydney Sahe Da Silva said Reinado’s attacks on the police posts appeared to be part of an orchestrated attempt to create an atmosphere of instability and terror, in order to prevent the holding of elections.

“The longer Reinado and his men remain free, the more instability and fear they will create,” Mr Da Silva said. “With Reinado roaming around the countryside creating havoc, some opponents of Fretilin will seize on this as an excuse to argue that elections should be postponed.

“Our opponents are worried that we still command majority support in the countryside, as shown by a series of highly successful election rallies in several districts over the last few weeks.”

The presidential election is due on April 9 and parliamentary elections around mid-year.

Mr Da Silva said it is critical that United Nations and Australian forces, who have taken responsibility for security in Timor-Leste, provide adequate protection for leaders and activists of Fretilin, particularly in areas west of Dili.

“The lives of Fretilin leaders and activists are now under serious threat from Reinado and his gang,” Mr Da Silva said.

Speaking in Dili today, Fretilin General Secretary Mari Alkatiri called for the immediate recapture of Reinado and welcomed President Xanana Gusmao’s televised statement last night also calling on the Australian military to arrest Reinado.

“This decision to push for Reinado’s recapture should have been taken a long time ago, but at least it has finally been taken,” Dr Alkatiri said.

Dr Alkatiri said Reinado’s arrest would not only improve the security situation but also help to reveal the true causes of the crisis in Timor-Leste and identify the people behind the crisis.

Reinado and his heavily armed group attacked two police stations and stole more than 25 weapons in the western districts of Timor-Leste on Sunday 25 February.

Mr Da Silva, a Sydney-based lawyer, said his sources in Dili report the Reinado group’s attack on the police station at Tunubibi in the Maliana district was launched at midday and involved between 8-9 men, whilst the attack on the police station at Salele in Cova Lima district took place in the evening and involved up to 18 men.

“Despite the presence of more than 1000 UN police and approximately 800 Australian and other military personnel in Timor-Leste, Reinado was allowed to escape from his cantonment area in Ermera where Australian forces were supposed to have set up road blocks to control his movements,” Mr Da Silva said.

“This is the second time in six months that the Australian-trained Reinado has been allowed to escape from under the noses of Australian troops.”

Reinado is a former military police chief who spent several years in Australia and trained at the Australian Defence Academy in Canberra in 2005.

He is wanted for murder after leading an attack on troops loyal to the government in which several people were killed and injured on May 23 last year. This attack led to further violence which resulted in the dispatch of Australian troops to Timor-Leste and the overthrow of then Prime Minister Alkatiri.

Reinado was arrested on July 27 last year after Portuguese police discovered he and his men were occupying houses across the street from Australian military headquarters in Dili.

“Reinado led a mass breakout from prison in Dili last August but despite his fugitive status he has been in close and friendly contact with Australian troops ever since,” Mr Da Silva said.

He pointed out that Reinado was even photographed with a rocket launcher of the same type as those stolen from the Australian Army.

“As some Australian newspaper reports indicated, the photograph was taken last November, about the time Reinado attended a seminar in the presence of Australian troops.

“This charade has gone on for too long, and Reinado must now be recaptured and brought to trial,” Mr Da Silva said.


Sahe Da Silva on 0414 807 824 (Sydney)
Mari Alkatiri on +670 723 0010 (Dili)


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