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UN increases patrols in E Timor

ABC Online
Friday, November 10, 2006

The United Nations says it has increased police patrols in East Timor's capital Dili to prevent unrest.

Almost 1,000 UN police officers are now working in the country, with about 50 patrols operating around the clock in Dili.

More than 900 Australian troops remain in East Timor to assist the Government and the United Nations to restore security after civil unrest broke out in May.

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Anónimo disse...

A ONU aumenta as patrulhas em Timor-Leste
ABC Online
Sexta-feira, Novembro 10, 2006

A ONU diz que aumentou as patrulhas da polícia na capital de Timor-Leste, Dili, para prevenir o desassossego.

Quase 1,000 oficiais de polícia da ONU estão agora a trabalhar no país, com cerca de 50 patrulhas a operaram 24 horas por dia em Dili.

Mais de 900 tropas Australianas permanecem em Timor-Leste para assistir o Governo e a ONU a restaurarem a segurança depois de ter irrompido desassossego civil em Maio.

Anónimo disse...

Make no mistake. There has and is ongoing a conspiracy to destabilise Timor-Leste and it is backed by those whose interests have become firmly linked with por-integrationists and Indonesian militia. As examples, Fernando "Lasama" Araujo in his interview with john Martinkus admitted having coorpdinated and jointly organised the 'demonstrations" in June 2006 with former (who knows he may still be) Indonesian Kopassus member Rui Lopes from the border twon of Suai. He said words to the effect, "we have common goals and objectives". It is also in Mr Lopes' house that the jail escapee/fugitive from justice former F-FDTL Major Alfredo Reinado (who has been charged with criminal offences) has been hiding over the last month.

Alfredo lets not forget has immaculate links with Indonesian military including Kopassus.

rui lopes said on film in the same Martinkus documentary, "we are ready to die and we are ready to kill" during a demonstration.

Lt Col falur Rate Laek of F-FDTL reported two Timorese going to see him urging them to undertake a coup against Alaktiri. It is well known in Dili wo these people were....former Indonesian lackeys. Railos , another criminal in this crisis and coup d'etatist hid and is still hiding at the coffee plantation of Mario Carrascalo, former governor during Indoensian times and former special advisor to dictator general Suharto. That is where Four Corners interviewed him and his gang of criminals.

Lasama and Lucas da Costa (PD leaders both) met actively with railos and Alfredo and Tara and others during the height of the crisis.

The above are facts in the public arena. Now look at the definition of conspiracy. Is it or is it not a "comspiracy"? More than one person working in concert and colluding to attain a specific or general purpose? Look at te naked public facts, then turn to speculation and answer for yourself.


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Mensagem inicial - 16 de Maio de 2006

"Apesar de frágil, Timor-Leste é uma jovem democracia em que acreditamos. É o país que escolhemos para viver e trabalhar. Desde dia 28 de Abril muito se tem dito sobre a situação em Timor-Leste. Boatos, rumores, alertas, declarações de países estrangeiros, inocentes ou não, têm servido para transmitir um clima de conflito e insegurança que não corresponde ao que vivemos. Vamos tentar transmitir o que se passa aqui. Não o que ouvimos dizer... "

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