sábado, junho 17, 2006

Ontem à noite

No bairro dos Grilos, um grupo de jovens apredrejou uma casa onde se encontrava outro grupo que supostamente os teria provocado. Alguém ligou para o número SOS das forças australianas.

Uma patrulha australiana passou 20 minutos depois a cerca de 200 metros.

Onde estão eles?!

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Anónimo disse...

No bairro dos Grilos cerca das 2h da manha andava um carro a disparar tiros para o ar e 2 helis a sobrevoa-los.... parecia o jogo do "gato e do rato". Sera que os Australianos nao teem forcas terras? Ou e mais uma das accoes descoordenadas? Intencionalmente ou nao o certo e que vir com tanques de guerra e outro material relamente nao consegue demover os criminosos que andam a solta

Anónimo disse...

Howard conveys 'deep anger' at release of Ba'asyir
Rendi A. Witular and Tony Hotland, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta

Australian Prime Minister John Howard issued an unusually strong objection to the freeing of militant cleric Abu Bakar Ba'asyir by writing Thursday to President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

The letter, reported by Reuters from Canberra, comes ahead of a planned summit between the two leaders on Batam Island on June 26. That meeting had been expected to cap an improvement in ties after a rift over Australia granting temporary visas to 42 people from Papua province.

Howard said he told Yudhoyono in the letter that he was disappointed and concerned by the decision to free Ba'asyir, who was convicted of conspiring in the 2002 Bali bombings that killed 202 people, with the majority -- 88-- tourists from Australia.

"His release, and the inflammatory statements that he has made in support of extremism since he has been released, have been deeply offensive, especially to the families of the men and women of this country who died in the Bali attack in October 2002," Howard told Australia's parliament of the cleric's release Wednesday.

"The Indonesian government should understand the deep anger in the Australian community and our sense of concern about what has happened."

In Jakarta, Yudhoyono said the government would maintain its campaign against terrorism and noted Ba'asyir had served his punishment based on the Indonesian legal system.

"Our national efforts to combat terrorism are not measured by the release of Ba'asyir. We are fully committed in continuing the fight against terrorism," the President said before a delegation of foreign creditors from the Consultative Group on Indonesia.

Ba'asyir is suspected by the U.S. and Indonesia of being the former leader of the al-Qaeda linked Southeast Asian terrorist group Jamaah Islamiyah. He denies the allegations.

"Abu Bakar Ba'asyir has been prosecuted, tried and punished. Based on the law, he has to be released. It is worth noting that we have put a lot of perpetrators involved in terrorism in jail," said Yudhoyono.

National Police chief Gen. Sutanto said maintaining constant supervision of the 68-year-old would infringe on his human rights, despite calls by foreign officials.

Sutanto said the police would only take legal measures against someone if there was substantial evidence. Police had said Wednesday they would monitor the cleric's speeches for inflammatory statements.

"This is a democracy, people have basic rights. We act only when there are violations of the law. Would it (keeping him under special watch) go against human rights? If he breaks the law, of course, do something. So we have to separate (the situation)," he said at the presidential office.

"We do not allow ourselves to be dictated by other countries because we have our own sovereignty and laws. Police are prepared to make legal moves, but in the spirit of respecting human rights."

State Intelligence Agency (BIN) head Syamsir Siregar said there was no need for the government to maintain special surveillance of Ba'asyir, his activities or those of his Islamic boarding school in Ngruki.

"What for? He's a citizen like all of us, so why would we specially monitor him?"


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