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Ramos-Horta to return to East Timor

The Australian

April 12, 2008
EAST Timor's President Jose Ramos-Horta will return to the tiny country next week for the first time since he was gunned down outside his Dili home.

The Nobel Laureate was evacuated to Darwin on February 11 after he was shot by armed intruders, many of whom are still on the run.

East Timor Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao escaped uninjured from an attack on his convoy a short time later.

The president's office today confirmed he would return to East Timor next week.

"After 65 days of medical treatment in Darwin, Australia, following the incident on February 11th, President Dr Jose Ramos-Horta will return to Timor-Leste on 17th April,'' it said in a statement.

Mr Ramos-Horta, 58, is recovering in a private house in Darwin, following his release from hospital.

He plans to hold a press conference immediately on his return, and also plans to attend Sunday Mass and address the national parliament.

His return comes after speculation he was preparing to quit the presidency, which was later rejected by his office.

Mr Ramos-Horta took over as East Timor's prime minister amid a wave of violence in 2006 which killed 37 and forced thousands to flee their homes for refugee camps.

He was elevated to the presidency of East Timor in a landslide election win a year ago, and has been key in efforts to stabilise and develop the tiny nation.

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Ramos-Horta vai regressar a Timor-Leste
The Australian

Abril 12, 2008
O Presidente de Timor-Leste Josá Ramos-Horta regressará ao pequeno país na próxima semana pela primeira vez desde que foi baleado no exterior da sua casa de Dili.

O laureado do Nobel foi evacuado para Darwin em 11 de Fevereiro depois de ter sido baleado por intrusos armados, muitos dos quais continuam em fuga.

O Primeiro-Ministro de Timor-Leste Xanana Gusmão escapou ileso dum ataque à sua caravana pouco tempo depois.

O gabinete do presidente confirmou que ele vai regressar a Timor-Leste na próxima semana.

"Depois de 65 dias de tratamento médico em Darwin, Austrália, depois do incidente em 11 de Fevereiro, o Presidente Dr José Ramos-Horta regressará a Timor-Leste em 17 de Abril,'' lê-se numa declaração.

O Sr Ramos-Horta, 58 anos, está a recuperar numa casa particular em Darwin, após ter tido alta do hospital.

Ele planeia realizar uma conferência de imprensa imediatamente após o seu regresso e também planeia ir à Missa no Domingo e discursar no parlamento nacional.

O seu regresso ocorre depois de especulações que se preparava para largar a presidência, o que foi mais tarde rejeitado pelo seu gabinete.

O Sr Ramos-Horta foi nomeado primeiro-ministro de Timor-Leste no meio duma vaga de violência em 2006 que matou 37 pessoas e forçou milhares a fugirem das suas casas para campos de deslocados.

Foi elevado à presidência de Timor-Leste numa eleição nacional que ganhou há um ano atrás, e tem sido importante nos esforços para estabilizar e desenvolver a pequena nação.

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Bendigo Advertiser 12 April 2008 - 5:00AM

Kirsty returns

EAST Timor's former First Lady has come home for the weekend.
Fresh from the turmoil plaguing the young nation, Kirsty Sword Gusmao yesterday told The Advertiser it was great to see familiar faces.
"It was the family's desire to get away from the pressure-cooker existence we lead," she said.
"My boys haven't been back for 12 months - they've been hankering to come to Australia.
"For the past three weeks they've been counting the sleeps until they came."
But in typical style, Kirsty's jam-packed schedule is focused on giving back to the community that raised her.
Kirsty addressed a packed civic reception at Bendigo Town Hall hosted by the City of Greater Bendigo last night.
She hopes to provide a more positive portrayal of the country, rather than focus on what she describes as the "doom and gloom" media stories about the nation.
"For many people, I'm a bit of a bridge between two very distinct worlds," she said.
"This visit is an opportunity to bridge that gap."
Kirsty is keen to impart to audiences the importance of friendship to a country developing amid extreme poverty.
"It's about what building infrastructure and creating opportunities can do and what a difference a group like the Maubisse Friendship Community Committee can make," she said.
"It's a privilege to have this particular relationship.
"Maubisse is quite close to where we used to live."
Recent political upheaval in region has forced the Gusmao family to relocate to Dili, which has brought Kirsty and Xanana's three boys closer to their schools.
A memorandum of understanding between the Victorian and East Timorese governments was signed in February this year, formalising the special friendship between the two that has existed since World War II.
The memorandum acknowledges the large East Timorese population living in Victoria.
In her role as Education Ambassador Kirsty will address a Loddon Mallee
education department breakfast on Monday.
This will be followed by a forum with about 200 students from 24 schools from Lockington to Darraweit Guim.
Kirsty, who was educated in Bendigo schools, is now chairwoman of Alola
Foundation, Dili, which promotes health, education and advocacy for women and children in East Timor.
She will speak about her life in East Timor and the challenges faced by students in her country.
Kirsty said local students would learn what a typical day in the life of an East Timorese child was like.
She hoped to explain some fundamental differences between Australian children and their neighbours to the north-west.


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